A bright re-launch at bright-green.org

HGPHomerton_web Image: Leo Reynolds. image from http://www.publiusforum.com/images/nelson%20mandela%20communist.jpg egypt_protest2 Sarah gets us out of this1 FE students on EMA

Bright Green is moving house to our new site at www.bright-green.org.

The new site has new sections edited by our wonderful editorial team, is cleaner, brighter, and more suited to multimedia and news.

We are continuing to grow our Scottish coverage but have teamed up with new writers across the UK.  The change in address reflects our broader remit: to contribute to political discuss across these islands.

We’re in the process of moving over our archives and will keep these old pages online for some time to give people a chance to update their links.

See you at the new address!

Sarah Beattie-Smith and Ric Lander
Co-Editors, Bright Green

21 November 2014

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