Are Tories leading because rich folks live longer?

There are two UK polls out today showing that the Tory lead over Labour has been cut – YouGov and IpsosMori. I would love to do some analysis of the Green vote from this, but national polls are fairly irrelevant for us – what happens in about 10 constituencies is what makes the difference. You […]

UK climate leadership comes a cropper in Shetland

Last month, the UK government was claiming to lead the world on climate change. Ed Miliband genuinely seemed to be working hard to get a deal at Copenhagen. But today Alistair Darling announced substantial tax breaks for oil companies wishing to drill off the west of Shetland. According to the FT, The Chancellor is offering […]

Phillip Morris, up in smoke

It’s always nice to see the party of family values campaigning for the rights drug dealers.

Slash on Burns Night for Edinburgh’s voluntary sector

Edinburgh Council has been in a mess for quite some time. Since May 2007, most would agree. The Liberal Democrat led (SNP supported) administration has presided over a number of mishandled crises. The most prominent was the botched plan to close 22 schools and community centres. The Council has now excelled itself by proposing to slash […]

Burns night

It’s quite stereotypical for a progressive Scottish blog to use Burns’ birthday to talk about the bard’s politics. So rather than do that, I though I’d just post one of the slightly less well known poems, with  a short historical explanation: In 1786, The Highland society got together in London. They were highly concerned that […]

Soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime

So, the Tories are talking about bringing back prison boats. According to the BBC website, ‘A Conservative spokesman said: “it is something we are considering as a way of ending Labour’s early release scheme that has allowed 75,000 offenders to be released early from prison.” And, as Bright Green blogger Gary Dunion has often pointed […]

We can’t go on like this. Cut the deficit obsession, not the deficit.

There have been a number of mash ups of the David Cameron “We can’t go on like this” poster. Possibly the most entertaining is this: There has been, however, a concerted campaign by the political right to exploit the current recession for their longer term aims. The Conservative party, backed by the Taxpayers’ Alliance and […]

201st Decade Technology Part 3 – Transport after oil

And so for our third, and for now final, tech review we head back to something physical and perhaps more stereotypically green. David McKay, who I’ll continue to source for most of my figures, and there’ll be a few here, suggests the typical affluent person uses around 195kWh/day of power (250kWh/day for an American). Of […]

A majority in search of a party on Afghanistan

Mark Ballard once, with a smirk on his face, told me that Nigel Farage (the then UKIP leader) listed his interests as real ale, military history and cricket. He suggested it was a bit like a Green liking gardening on the allotment, muesli and woolly jumpers. Sadly real ale, military history and cricket are prominent […]

Let the best students in

The idea that we shouldn’t take the context of exam results into account is political correctness gone mad.

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