Obama Sell Out Again – This Time on Offshore Drilling

If selling out the prospect of meaningful health care reform in the US might be viewed as merely a missed opportunity and a misplaced desire to compromise and achieve bipartisanship, offering up vast stretches of America’s coastline to oil drilling is surely a sign that the Democratic leadership might not be as averse to triangulation […]

The Paisley Project Chuckles into Oblivion

So that’s it. The end of the Paisley era. Finally the politician who dominated the political landscape of my childhood has decided to stand down. After over 40 years as an MP, he will leave the Houses of Parliament. It’s likely that he’ll stand down from the Northern Ireland Assembly at the next election too. […]

Radio 3 interupted over Israel

This is a guest post written by Benedict Young – a member of York Palestine Solidarity Campaign BBC Radio 3, at 13:17 (or so), March 29, was broadcasting a performance by the Jerusalem Quartet: string-playing Israeli soldiers, heavily promoted by the Israeli government in order to project a cultured image and so obfuscate what is […]

Why make RBS back small businesses, but not renewables?

There is much to write about yesterday’s budget, but I thought I would highlight just one paradox – one I genuinely don’t understand. Alistair Darling announced a £1bn fund for low carbon projects. This green investment bank is designed to provide the stimulus which will encourage other lenders to also back renewable energy projects and […]

What’s Wrong With Health Care Reform.

So health care reform in the US has finally been passed and signed into law. It’s been a long time coming, see Ted Kennedy below, and it’s been greeted as a great achievement by many on the left, including here on Bright Green. My colleague Peter described it as a vindication of why triangulation doesn’t […]

re-framing the American dream

I was sitting on grubby floor of Edinburgh’s student union when Ohio suddenly went blue. There was no big cheer yet, and mostly people just carried on chatting. But I suddenly found myself crying like a baby. Obama, clearly, had won. I had always had the emotional conflict between my desire to get carried away […]

Healthcare win shows Obama is no West Wing fan

Today’s news that the House of Representatives has passed an amended version of the healthcare Bill promised by Barack Obama shows an interesting contrast with the achievements of the Clinton administration. And of course, with the fictional administration of Jed Bartlett in the West Wing. When I wrote a blog post about how I dislike […]

Ken Livingstone hints at endorsement of Tony Juniper (but couldn’t possibly comment)

Fans of House of Cards will recognise it immediately. When asked whether he was urging Cantabrians to vote for Green candidate Tony Juniper over Labour’s Daniel Zeichner, Ken Livingstone cannily replied: “If I sit here all night you will not get me to say it. It would make life so difficult.” Or, as Francis Urquhart […]

Are we seeing the end of coal?

Just a very brief post to say well done to Patrick Harvie for securing a vote in Holyrood against Hunterston coal power station – and to cross-party back-benchers for supporting him. Patrick writes about it himself, so I won’t repeat what he says. But I will ask one question: with recent technological advances allowing access […]

In Defence of Universalism

The Scottish Greens have been arguing for a couple of years that the government should create a universal free household insulation service. This has been very successfully rolled out in Huddersfield by the Kirklees Green Party. It has increased the take up of insulation hugely. And as well all know insulation is the cheapest easiest […]

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