What happened in the Med?

As the sun sets on the Middle East, many will be asking this question. And lots of people much more qualified than me will be trying to explain the strategic rational for Israel’s actions. But, until they do, I must admit that I am baffled. Normally, I think I understand what the Israeli government is […]

Scottish protests against Israeli murder today

I’ve tried to compile a full list, but if I’ve missed any, do let me know: All of these protests are at 5pm today, Monday 31 May: Glasgow: George Square Edinburgh: foot of The Mound Dundee: City Square Aberdeen: St Nicholas Centre Inverness: Town House Stirling: Foot of King Street Banff: Low Street Moffat: 2 […]

How will the coalition react to Israeli murder?

Murdering aid workers and peace activists is nothing new for Israel. That the press have been forced to report this is a product of the nationality of those murdered, and that fact that it all happened on the same day. Normally, like a serial killer, they have the good sense to murder people one at […]

How The Scottish Parliament Can Make Fair Votes a Reality

There’s one pressing issue that faces the UK now. That is the response to recession from the Westminster government. As other contributors here have pointed out, the current approach is likely to send the economy back into recession with disastrous effect. There is, however, an opportunity to change the way the UK selects its governments. […]

Laws & Osborne target my generation

So, George and David have announced where they are going to start their 5 year assault on the British economy. And the answer is pretty clear. First up against the wall are the young – my generation: my friends. I can assure you, we’re pretty cross. As I write this, I’m surrounded by friends who […]

Legal aid under threat – join the campaign to save it

Today, YouGov published a poll showing that 68% of people back the idea of legal aid. Specifically, they agreed with the statement that “if someone was too poor to afford a lawyer and they had a need for serious legal advice” then “the state should pay for all their legal advice through the legal aid […]

No Shock Doctine petition launched – Anti-cuts students disciplined

We’ve now launched the website and a petition for our campaign against a “shock doctrine” for Britain – that is, the use of the recession to force through right wing policies which would otherwise be politically impossible to secure. On the same week, it looks ever more likely that students at Sussex University will be […]

See the Amnesty ad the FT haven’t the balls to run

Over 2,000 Amnesty International supporters donated to place this advert in the Financial Times, Metro and Evening Standard. Northcliffe House has many a vice but reluctance to accept cash is not one of them – the ad appears in their free papers today. But the FT pulled the ad at the last minute, presumably in […]

No shock doctrine for Britain

The economic case against short term cuts has been widely made. So much so, that a large majority voted in the election for parties opposed to cuts this year. In fact, Vince Cable promised us that opposing any immediate cuts would be (as well as support for savage cuts next year) a condition of forming […]

ConDemed? The fightback begins

This is a guest post by Aled Fisher, also posted at his own blog. ConDem is here, or so it seems. Either way, Labour have thrown in the towel with regards the possibility of a Lib-Lab deal, or a so-called ‘progressive’ coalition – and they would have been crazy to do anything else. The immediate […]

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