Why are bp so keen to sponsor art?

On Monday, The Tate will celebrate their sponsorship by bp. Artists and art lovers will be protesting outside. Today, oil industry experts at PLATFORM have launched a new briefing on how our cultural institutions are giving oil companies a “license to spill”. Mel Evans from PLATFORM explains. Apart from catastrophic spills like the Deepwater Horizon, […]

Climate change & cuts

In my recent “a-z of why cuts are mad“, “George Osborne: move over Keynes” and on our campaign site www.noshockdoctrine.org.uk, I give a number of reasons why I oppose cuts – unemployment, the need for fiscal stimulus, the value of public services, and the fact that government borrowing, from the other side of the balance […]

Australia v Serbia: a bloody history

My latest piece on the excellent WDM World Cup blog whoshouldicheerfor.com So, here’s a question. Which member of the OECD “rich countries club” allowed slavery until 1969? Here’ s another. In which genocide in the last 200 years was an entire ethnicity wiped out? Here’s one you might just know. In which country did it […]

Why we need to re-write the Planning Act

Portobello has just emerged from its latest fight. This time it was with developers determined to turn the area into a hub for rubbish collection from Edinburgh and beyond. The developer, Viridor, collects rubbish from around Edinburgh and the Lothians for landfill or incineration at Dunbar. It wants a facility to transfer this rubbish from […]

A-Z of why these cuts are mad

I just tweeted an A-Z of why I oppose public spending cuts. Here it is. a) the biggest waste in our economy is unemployment not spending b) we’ve lower debt:GDP than most EU/G8 nations c) the money is owed to us d) the payoff on public services’s > our loan interest e) Italy’s credit rating […]

Check out this new No Cuts film

The Bright Green crew have teamed up with various friends to campaign against cuts. The excellent Pete Speller did the animation and all for this film. Enjoy.

George Osborne: Move over Keynes – The Shock Axeman Cometh

This is a cross post of a piece I was asked to write for the excellent folks at TMPonline.org According to the Sunday Times Rich List, the richest 1,000 in Britain have seen their wealth increase by 30 per cent in the last year: £77bn – half the annual deficit. On Tuesday, George Osborne will […]

Check out our random cuts generator

The team here at Bright Green have got together with various friends to try and make the case against the economically illiterate cuts to jobs and public. Check out our website No Shock Doctrine for Britain – and, in particular, have fun with our random cuts generator.

Japan v Cameroon: Colonialism’s laboratory

I wrote this piece for the World Development Movement World Cup site whoshouldicheerfor.com – to which the Bright Green team will be contributing throughout the tournament. In 1959 my grandfather was sent to Japan as a British diplomat. The country he found was undergoing what is now a famous post-war economic recovery. At the time, […]

Union News

UCU We’ll start with my own union, UCU, who’s annual congress happened recently. I couldn’t make it myself but as well as attacking the government’s points based immigration system and backing international solidarity with and a fund for Haiti there was strong opposition to cuts and in defence of jobs and places, and, of course, […]

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