A Big Tent we’d all feel at home in

I had the pleasure to attend “The Big Tent” Festival at the weekend. The Big Tent is Scotland’s environmental festival, which attracted 10,000 people over the weekend. Despite having meant to go for the past couple of years it took an invitation to speak at an event to get me there. Those who know me […]

Climate Conspiracy comes to Edinburgh Council

So Edinburgh Tory Councillor Cameron Rose has decided to start a climate conspiracy blog. I’ve had a look around and I can’t see any qualifications Cllr Rose has for a blog on climate change. I can see that he was a policeman. Perhaps since he retired he’s been studying climate, physics, geology and other subjects […]

Greens need to resist mainstream pressure for political ‘justification’…

There are two key paragraphs from Rupert Read’s recent article, which addresses the impressive growth of the Green party membership and its implications, I wish to highlight: “We need to review our policy commitments to ensure that there is nothing there to embarrass us, because our policy commitments are going to come under more scrutiny […]

Green shoots of a different kind

This is a guest post from Norwich Councillor Rupert Read on the challenges and opportunities facing the Green Party of England and Wales, which raises issues of importance also to other Green Parties. Dr Read blogs at Rupert’s Read and is a regular contributor to ourKingdom. The Green Party of England and Wales has been […]

How the left won the argument on inequality… and where it got us…

People’s politics are very often located very deep in their psychological makeup. I am someone who finds it very hard to see the worst in human character. I am therefore a progressive – my politics seeks to make a better world by harnessing human goodness. Other find it hard to see the best in human […]

Vote For Your Favourite Political Blogs

With less than a week to go till polling closes for Total Politics’ Best Blogs Poll 2010 we thought we’d take a moment to publicise the event and encourage all our thousands of readers to cast their votes. Last year there were just two Green blogs in the top 100 (Jim Jepps’ The Daily (Maybe) […]

The TaxPayers’ Alliance: Not Entirely Wrong

The Tax Payers’ Alliance (TPA) have a new report on welfare reform. Don Paskini’s already had a review of it over on Liberal Conspiracy. He makes some interesting points but I think in his rush to rubbish anything the TPA come up with (and, generally, that would be my reaction too) he fails to quite […]

‘we have to do something about the economy’

The idea that big problems require big solutions is not entirely rational. But it is psychologically compelling. And so it is that politicians can secure radical policies more easily in the year after a crisis than in a decade of stability. We have seen this to astonishing effect over the last two months: the speed […]

Event Horizon: Beyond the 2010 Election

by Robin McAlpine You probably think you know the implications of the General Election. I think I know the implications, or at least some of them. But I’m not sure. And therein lies the monumental success (and failure) of the 2010 General Election. It was the natural conclusion of a process of collapse of party […]

Education is a Public Good – We Should Fund it Publicly

“universities have a unique role. We cannot have an economically dynamic, socially mobile or culturally rich society without strong universities.” So started Vince Cable’s speech today at London South Bank University. It’s a good a start, with which I completely agree. Perhaps HE will be spared the worst of the cuts agenda. “I wonder how […]

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