On Scotland’s People…

This article is cross-posted from Lallands Peat Worrier The Scottish Household Survey “is a continuous survey based on a sample of the general population in private residences in Scotland” which is “designed to provide reliable and up-to-date information on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of Scottish households and individuals, both nationally and at a […]

Philippe Legrain at the Edinburgh Book Festival

A vision of a world fairer, safer, richer and greener. Thomas Friedman says the world is flat – Philippe Legrain doesn’t think so. What matters most to how you do in life is where you are born and who your parents are. Philippe’s envisioned world is one where the benefits and opportunities of the middle […]

In Praise of Politics

We’ve been accused recently, and perhaps with some cause, of focusing too much on the machinations of the English and Welsh Green Party and not enough on what’s happening up here in Scotland. It’s certainly true that in the run up to GPEW conference next month, and with two of our editors and most of […]

Total Politics Poll 2010

Total Politics have released the Green results of their annual poll (see below). So, thanks to everyone has written for us, commented, read pieces, and, of course, voted for us since we launched six months ago or so. Also congratulations to the lovely Jim Jepps from The Daily (Maybe) – deservedly the king of Green […]

Climate Camp – why RBS?

The camp for climate action came to Scotland this week. To those wondering why so many people are angry with this bank, the answer is pretty simple: when it comes to climate change, RBS make it happen – and they do it with taxpayers’ bail-out money. RBS is Europe’s biggest financer of the fossil fuel […]

Climate Camp tackle Cairn energy

Jilted Generation – book review

If you were born after September 1979, this book is about you. You are a member of the jilted generation. We are the jilted generation. Or so Shiv Malik and Ed Howker tell us in their book of the same name, coming out next week. And they make a pretty convincing case that our generation […]

Why the Green Party should elect a ‘Shadow Cabinet’

This guest post is by Jonathan Kent, and was first published on his blog, The Headstrong Club. This September, when the Green Party of England and Wales meets for the first time as a party represented at Westminster, members will be asked to vote on a proposal to elect a Green Shadow Cabinet. In some […]

Green lessons from Down Under

by Kevin Meaney (@oxkev) it first appeared on his blog I grew up and worked in Australia before moving to the UK 13 years ago. Having recently become more actively involved in the UK Green Party I have been following the 2010 Australian election and the performance of the Australian Greens closely. Because I am […]

Edwin Morgan on the Scottish Parliament

Edwin Morgan and Jimmy Reid have both died, of late – two great Glaswegians. Here is Edwin Morgan on the Scottish Parliament (also tweeted by James from Two Doctors). For the Opening of the Scottish Parliament, 9 October 2004 Open the doors! Light of the day, shine in; light of the mind, shine out! We […]

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