No ideas? Try the Greens

This piece by Tom Chance is a review of this pamphlet If you’re looking for an advert against pinning the hopes of entire social movements on one political party, this pamphlet from the New Political Economy Network could fill a billboard. The authors’ analysis of the miserable failure by “the left” to overthrow capitalism is […]

How the left has lost?: New Labour

This piece by Kevin Meaney is for our series on ‘how the left has lost’. There are many reasons for the losses suffered by the left in the UK which this series discusses, but I believe part of this is due to the Labour Party and most importantly New Labour. Why do I say this? […]

A World in Crisis… What is the Alternative?

I spent this weekend nosing round some of the fascinating buildings in the Edinburgh Doors Open Day and at the POD Village Fair in Portobello. Last Sunday I enjoyed the Portobello Car Free Day event. All these events are evidence of the flourishing civil society for which Edinburgh is renowned. Civil society is what happens […]

How the left has lost (part 1)

It’s 2008. RBS has collapsed. Fred the Shred has fled The City: he’s forced into hiding in Highland Perthshire. The public, press and politicians spit about ‘spivs’ and bawl about bonuses. ‘Bank’ is uttered with the same tone as so many other four letters words. Neo-liberalism’s de-regulated house of credit cards has collapsed, and politicians […]

Sweden Update: Greens hold position of unprecedented strength

by Dominic Hinde The day after the Swedish general election, the results were the most read story on the BBC News website. The entrance of the hitherto unknown right-wing Sweden Democrats, Sverigedemokraterna, to Sweden’s national assembly seems to have struck a chord amongst a European and North-American public whose main contact with the country comes […]

The cuts won’t work

I was asked to speak at a fundraiser for The Cuts Won’t Work campaign tonight. This is roughly what I said. I always think it’s good to interrupt a comedy gig with some discussion of political economic history. So I’m going to chat for a bit about the last century in the UK.  In 1910 […]

Conference fragments – young brilliant jobless Greens

Green Party conference last weekend was packed with articulate, hard working, passionate, and mind-blowingly intelligent young Greens – many of whom were unemployed, or underemployed. There was the guy who got a good degree – and months after the joy of graduating, can’t find a thing: his parents can’t afford to support him through an […]

The Genocide’s Not Over, Kagame

Following on from our criticism of the Tory obsession with Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, Nishma Doshi writes more about what really going on in Rwanda (cross posted from her blog). Making a short visit to Rwanda, and you might think that the genocide was old news. Everyone is supposedly in love with Kagame as he liberated […]

Rwandan Green Democratic Party Vice President beheaded

Reports that Rwandan Green Party first Vice President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka was been found be-headed back in July are beginning to permeate the Western media. This is the latest episode in a tale of intimidation and murder of members of the Rwandan Green Party. I’ve been meaning to write a piece for a while asking […]

Help Shape the Edinburgh Council Budget

Edinburgh council are looking for feedback on their plans for the budget and service provision over the next few years. There’s an online survey, with highly leading questions and no space to offer comments, and over the next few weeks they’re organising a series of meetings to gauge opinions. You’ll have the chance to find […]

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