A movement builds: on Vince and Vodafone

A couple of things from the anti-cuts movement worth reporting on quickly. First, a group of activists shut down Vodafone’s flagship shop over their £6bn tax dodge. Watch this film for more: Secondly, Vince Cable has canceled a planned trip to Oxford after students managed to mobilise an expected 1000 for a demo against him […]

The Tensions Between the Green Party and the Trade Union Movement…

The Tensions Between the Green Party and the Trade Union Movement… By Jane Watkinson Whilst the right like to claim that Ed Miliband is a union symbol of the ‘ Old Labour’ movement, it is clear from his recent actions, he is definitely not ‘ Red Ed’ . Ed has tried his upmost to distance […]

The Green solution to Unemployment, Deficit and Recession

The country is at an economic turning point. Wednesday was the most significant domestic political event of most of our lives. It was the full announcement of a Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). Unfortunately the CSR is final proof what many of us predicted before the election. That the Conservative party has a profoundly wrong-headed economic […]

Anger for Doomed Youth

Listening to George Osborne’s introduction to today’s Comprehensive Spending Review made me angry. Very angry. For all sorts of reasons. But the one that made me most angry was his suggestion that the reason to slash public expenditure was to secure future generations. His actions, of course, demonstrate that he has no interest in future […]

RIP the Welfare State?

100 years ago, the people of Britain fought for, and secured, The People’s Budget. The Conservative Party opposed it at every turn. Today, a century later, they launch their biggest yet assault on the public services they have spent a century opposing. But we will be there. The British people won’t roll over. Because the […]

Cash needed for art, not oil.

This is a guest post by Kevin Smith from PLATFORM In 2010 there was a series of performance/interventions that took place in various cultural institutions in London, challenging the undeserved credibility and kudos that polluting, climate-trashing companies like BP get from sponsoring the arts. PLATFORM is an arts/activist/education organisation that has been working on the […]

Propellerheads: History Repeating

In the run-up to the election, Tories were adamant that Labour were betraying British forces in Afghanistan by refusing to provide enough helicopters, and that casualties were higher as a result. Here’s Cameron: “It is a scandal in particular that they still lack enough helicopters to move around in Afghanistan.” (video below) And here’s Patrick […]

Now Lib Dems vote against votes at 16

Here at Bright Green we try to avoid partisan attacks. They are pretty boring. But this is quite an impressive hattrick. Less than a week after Vince Cable decided to back the findings of the Browne review, and so support the raising of tuition fees that he had promised he would scrap; a few days […]

Lib Dem hijack is coming from inside the building…

The National Union of Students is rightly celebrated this morning for hijacking the www.liberaldemocrats.org.uk domain name and pointing it to their video documenting Nick Clegg’s betrayal over tuition fees. But there’s a twist to this seemingly simple tale of cyber-squatting. Eagle-eyed Kris Keane points out that far from being overlooked by the party, allowing the […]

Liberal Democrats vote against PR

If you ever had any trouble understanding what the Liberal Democrats stood for, one thing was always certain: the Lib Dems are for PR. The Liberal Democrats, it may charitably be said, are a broad church. They are a party that like any other has legitimate disagreement on policy. But most observers and party members […]

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