RBS: Oil Bank of Scotland to Green Investment Bank?

As Richard Murphy has already pointed out, the FT has two bank related stories today – one saying that the Treasury hopes RBS will be privitised next year. The other says something that’s been rumour for a while – that the Treasury is opposing moves to make the promised Green Investment Bank a real bank […]

Keep the NHS Public

The coalition’s Health and Social Care Bill faces it’s second reading today in Parliament today and threatens to drastically reorganise health care in this country. The average person interacting with their GP or hospital might not notice the changes immediately. But make no mistake, these proposals go to the very heart of our health service. […]

Students face crackdown after sit-in

By Edd Bauer I’m a student at the University of Birmingham, and one of twelve facing disciplinary action that could lead to my expulsion after a peaceful one-day sit-in that ended with our forceful eviction by university security and the police. A second-year student in the theology department, which has already lost a third of […]

Pepper spray update: the law is just for plebs

Slightly as I expected, in asking where the Met’s Defence Council authorisation to carry pepper spray or CS was, I was missing something. I assumed it would be an obscure Amendment Act or similar, but it turned out to be a giant elephant in the room. The reason why police are exempt, pointed out by […]

Are the police carrying pepper spray illegally?

Today, at a peaceful UK Uncut demonstration at a central London branch of Boots, a number of demonstrators were attacked by police officers deploying a lachrymatory agent which was either pepper spray or CS gas. Both weapons are subject to a ‘general prohibition’ under Section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968. The Section states that […]

Countering Council Cuts: Local Alternatives to Austerity

Photo courtesy of Guardian Edinburgh via flickr While we’ve rightly been focussed so far national campaigns, defending welfare and education, we mustn’t overlook the fact that many of the cuts we are likely to face over the next few years will not be imposed directly from Westminster but by our own local councils. Opposition to […]

Help stop a massacre in Egypt today

Image courtesty of Sarah Carr via flickr The brave people of Egypt are standing up. The oppressive government which has ruled them for years is shaking at its core as thousands take to the streets. In Egypt, demonstrations are illegal. Already, 7 people have been killed. And today’s protests are said to be the biggest […]

The M word: It’s time to take Marx beyond ‘Marxism’

Following my last blog there were a few comments referring to how the Green Party must avoid being ‘Marxist’ and how left wing polices will only appeal to the dreaded ‘Marxists’. But before we can understand why we should be concerned about ‘Marxists’ we have to try and understand what being ‘Marxist’ actually means.

1 million climate jobs.

I was asked to speak at the Oxford launch of the campaign for a million climate jobs. This is roughly what I said. It’s Burns night. But instead of quoting that great Scots writer, another came to mind. On a wall of the Holyrood Parliament is inscribed the words of Alasdair Gray: “Work as if […]

Employment and Growth: Latest Figures

The latest ONS figures for graduate employment do not make for pleasant reading. Particularly for those of us expecting to finish their current degrees this year (like myself). For the most recent graduates (0-2 years) the unemployment rate was up to 20% in the third quarter of 2010. Given the dip in the economy in […]

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