San Francisco Uncut: we decide what American means

A couple of weeks ago while still living in London I read Paul Mason’s 20 reasons why it’s kicking off everywhere. I remember thinking where the hell is the US?! Why aren’t we kicking off?! Frustrated, I boarded my plane to San Francisco, leaving London after three and a half years thanks to the Tories […]

US Uncut and the forgotten legacy of MLK

Dr. King’s legacy of ending racial segregation in the South is well-known; what isn’t known is his fierce dedication to economic justice and drawing awareness to the growing plight of both black and white America- rapacious inequality between the ruling class and everyone else. US Uncut is the continuation of the battle Dr. King never got the chance to see.

Green Conference: Lawson’s biggest fears – Labour losing, Labour winning…

Monday at conference has focussed more on vision than on policy. First up was a panel with Compass head Neal Lawson and senior Lib Dem dissident Richard Grayson (former head of policy, former speech writer to Charles Kennedy). Neal Lawson was, as ever, excellent, provocative, moving, charismatic – a genuine leader in Britain’s progressive movement. […]

Bright Green Live – Greens and the anti-cuts movement

Yesterday (Saturday), about 30 Young Greens took a break from conference to go and occupy a branch of NatWest in central Cardiff, as part of the international day of action with UK Uncut, US Uncut, Canada Uncut, and others. After entering the bank with signs saying “We won’t pay for their crisis”, sitting down and […]

Green Party Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay – full speech to conference

This is the full text of Adrian Ramsay’s speech to the Green Party Spring Conference in Cardiff today. Bore da I chi gyd, a croeso I’r cynhadledd. Good morning to you all, and welcome to the conference. Let me start by thanking the conference organisers for all their work in helping to make this conference […]

Green conference – monetary reform and citizens’ income

Green Party Spring Conference is this weekend in Cardiff. This is some continued coverage from this afternoon. The first big debate of the afternoon was between Bright Green co-editor Alasdair Thompson, and regular contributor, and Norwich Councillor, Rupert Read. Rupert was proposing reforms to the monetary system, banning banks from creating credit. Claiming support from […]

Adrian Ramsay – “young people are under attack”

Green Party Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay today delivered the speech of the party’s Spring Conference, making a passionate case against government spending cuts and privitisation. Constantly interrupted for applause, Adrian outlied how the government cuts will hit young people, old people, and everyone across the country. “In the past few months, I’ve given many talks […]

Green Party conference – Saturday morning motions

Conference opened today with one word: “bankers”. And how apt. The first motion – “cuts and local public services” – committed the party to fighting public spending cuts at a local level, opposing the current round of mass privatisation, and supporting initiatives such as participatory budgeting. It also suggested that all services should be accountable […]

Interview: Welsh Green Leader Jake Griffiths

The Bright Green team sat down for a pint with future Welsh Assembly Member and leader of the Welsh Green Party – the gentle host of Green Party Spring conference in Cardiff this weekend – Jake Griffiths. Jake opened the conference this morning, and talked with us about our favorite things: macro-economics and dinosaurs. You […]

Video – Caroline Lucas attacks Cameron’s gunrunning trip

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