Unions & NGOs back UK Uncut

This is a letter from a number of NGOs and unions in support of UK Uncut. Protest has been a means for progressive change throughout human history – and it continues to play that role across the world today. Through protest, people have won and defended their rights to a decent standard of living as […]

How the Daily Mail Scored a UK Uncut Own Goal

Our very own Adam Ramsay stars in the Daily Mail today. I’d recommend clicking on the link. The more hits they get, the more likely they are to print more of these stories. It’s a great example of how the Daily Mail’s desire to publish scurrilous stories undermines their message. The article contains at its […]

A night in the cells is nothing to a lifetime imprisoned by cuts

I spent the best part of the weekend in a police cell in Illford. I’ve been accused of taking part in a peaceful protest at Fortnum & Mason’s, and charged with aggravated trespass. But being locked up for a day is nothing, nothing to the fate of those who will be hardest hit by the […]

Meme – a collection of the best placards and slogans from March26

So what were the best signs, placards, banners and chants you saw or heard on Saturday? Or at any of the recent demos, protests and strikes for that matter? Let us know in the comments.

My day in the cells

Yesterday, I was arrested outside Fortnum & Mason after the UK Uncut protest on suspicion of Aggrevated Trespass and Criminal Damage. Below is a summary of my experiences of the arrest and of being held. But before I write it, I want to be clear – I am not asking for sympathy and I am […]

UCL 13 – solidarity protest

This afternoon I went down to UCL for a protest to show support for 13 UCL students who have been threatened by UCL with tens of thousands of pounds of fines as costs for the occupation. I was asked to speak, here is roughly what I said. What’s happening to 13 students here at UCL […]

Reclaim Your Voice – NUS Scotland March – Pictures

On Tuesday NUS Scotland held a march and rally in Edinburgh against fees and to let students “Reclaim [Their] Voice[s]”. Your intrepid correspondent from Bright Green was there and took a few photos. Enjoy. For further reports from Tuesday see these two excellent new blogs Be Young And Shut Up and Eusafishes.

Scottish Greens put fees and cuts centre stage

The Scottish Green Party has today launched its Scottish Parliament campaign by putting fees and cuts centre stage. The campaign launched with 3 main pledges: No fees ever – keep tuition free Education benefits us all, not just students, and must be based on the ability to learn, not to pay. For more information, see: […]

5 reasons Caroline should be speaking

Caroline Lucas hasn’t been invited by the TUC to speak at the march on Saturday. If you think she should be, email *info@tuc.org.uk* 1) It’s good for the message: Caroline Lucas actually opposes cuts. Ed Miliband is speaking, he supports the same level of cuts as the Tories. He just wants to do it over […]

Women’s Budget protest – pictures

20 women blockaded the main exits from Downing Street this morning, in an attempt to stop George Osborne delivering a Budget that would hammer women. The protestors were in place from 11.15 until 11.52, when the Chancellor’s car broke through the blockade. Protestor Sara Ayech said: “We are stopping George Osborne from delivering his bankers’ […]

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