Superinjunctions: One law for the rich

One of my fondest fantasies is that in Britain a measure of equality still exists. Yes there are people who are very rich and others who are very poor. Yes, some people live in a part of the country that allows them to go to a good state school, while others have to accept a […]

PR company copyrights “radical media”, threatens to sue activists

This post first appeared at Radical media has a long history in social movements, from The British Worker, launched during the 1926 TUC General Strike, via audio cassettes with subversive messages passed around during the Iranian revolution, the Zapatistas, Samizdat and Indymedia to blogs, Facebook and Twitter used during the recent revolutions in Egypt and […]

T-Mobile royally rips off domestic violence campaigners

You might have seen T-Mobile’s take on the Royal nuptials: …but have you seen the original video from which the German phone giant shamelessly ripped off not only the concept but most of the choreography? T-Mobile seem to be betting you haven’t; with 65 million views that’s quite the gamble. Jill and Kevin’s brilliant wedding […]

#facebookpurge & #squatageddon: we should have seen this coming

We should have seen it coming. All of the pieces were lined up. When the police told most of the people arrested at Fortnum & Mason’s that their sole bail condition was that they were banned from being in central London on the day of the Royal Wedding, it should have been clear quite how […]

Mass Facebook purge of activist groups

Facebook seems to have taken the chance of the distraction during the royal wedding to delete around 50 activist groups. The list of groups removed has been compiled by the anti-cuts space website, as below. It is not yet clear if Facebook have given a reason for this, but obviously this will cause real problems for […]

Guardian closes local blogs

The Guardian has chosen to end its trial local blogs in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Leeds. Here, Ruth Dawkins writes about the loss of the Edinburgh blog – the piece first appeared on Ruth’s blog, which she’s just launched – Dorky Mum. I was hugely disappointed to see the news yesterday that the Guardian Edinburgh blog is coming […]

Bright Green Crowd-Sources Buried Bad News

On September 11th 2001 – the day the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York were brought down by Osama bin Laden’s militants – Jo Moore a communications manager in the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions circulated a memo. That memo said that it was “a good day to […]

A reluctant republican

I am, I have to confess, a reluctant republican.  Call me a wet fart of a liberal if you wish, but I just don’t have a raging desire to set the tumbrels rolling with Liz, Phil, Charlie, Harry and Wills riding on them to their doom. It’s not just that I doubt the guillotine would […]

Thought Police

Look, I’m not going to tell you what to think about the Royal Wedding. Telling you what to think is the police’s job: Let me make it clear. This is a day of celebration, joy and pageantry for Great Britain. Any criminals attempting to disrupt it – be that in the guise of protest or […]

GDP figures – what’s Osborne’s plan?

First, let’s teach some journalists a little basic maths. 100 – 0.5% of 100 = 100 – 0.5. That’s 99.5.   0.5% of 99.5 is 0.4975.  99.5 + 0.4975 = 99.975. To put it another way, if GDP shrinks by 0.5%, and then grows by 0.5%, then it is lower than it was at the […]

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