The Labour Party and Northern Ireland

At the risk of sounding like I have too much experience of this, I imagine that being voted out of government must be a lot like getting chucked by someone you really liked. The initial shock is followed by despair – closely followed by the attribution of blame and an identity crisis. A process of […]

Letter from Northern Ireland: our non-movement and what it means

Lorcan is Deputy President of NUS USI (Northern Ireland) When I was approached to write for Bright Green, I was asked to write about the Northern Ireland student movement. I’m going to explain why it doesn’t exist, and why acknowledging that fact and associated troubling truths is important if we truly seek to build movements […]

On the future of food in Scotland – an interview with Pete Ritchie (part 2)

Part 1 appeared yesterday, you can read it here And thus politics comes into full focus. There is a lot that can be said about the SNP’s recent landslide in the Scottish elections, but for Pete their attitude to food is worth mentioning: “Of all the parties they are by far the strongest on both […]

More arrests at @UKUncut actions

UK Uncut protesters have been arrested in Edinburgh and Manchester. In Manchester, 9 people were held, according to the BBC, on “suspicion of breach of the peace”. In Edinburgh, 2 people were also arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace outside BHS. According to protesters at the scene, the arresting officer had said that […]

UK Uncut – the support is growing, and diversifying

All across the country today, UK Uncutters took to the high street. This time, our target was banks. This time, we were shouting about the health service. This time, our message was a new one – “restructure the banks, not the NHS” – “It’s the banks that caused this mess, don’t sell off the NHS”. […]

On the Future of Food in Scotland: An interview with Pete Ritchie (Part 1)

Jo Ritchie interviews one of the leading voices in Scotland’s organic movement. Part 2 will be up tomorrow morning – the 29th I’m sitting across the table from my dad in what must be the fifth attempt to conduct this interview. He’s drinking coffee from a mug little cup that someone must have bought us […]

Jody McIntyre investigation: you’ve got to laugh

There are times when the only appropriate reaction is laughter. And surely the Met’s finding on the treatment of Jody McIntyre at the student demonstration on the 9th of December is such an occassion. You can find the full conclusion here, but this particular explanation for the now famous incident in which Jody was dragged […]

How Green Parties can avoid an Irish-style collapse

The Irish Green Party has just elected a new leader. He is Eamon Ryan, former TD (member of parliament) for Dublin South and Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources from 2007-11. The leadership election comes in the wake of an election defeat in February that was so cataclysmic that it has serious implications for […]

Eamon Ryan elected Irish Greens leader

Former coalition minister Eamon Ryan has been elected leader of the Green Party / Comhaontas Glas, defeating Kilkenny County Councillor Malcolm Noonan and party activist Phil Kearney.

Helping ourselves to imagine better

At the Scottish Green Party conference 2009, Robin McAlpine was one of the closing speakers. At the time, the party’s then two MSPs often held the balance of power at Holyrood. Robin’s presentation was powerful and moving. His thesis was relatively simple: in their negotiations with the SNP, our MSPs should first prioritise those projects […]

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