Strike day in Liverpool

by Peter Cranie Firstly some background. I’m a UCU membership secretary at my place of work. Like many people I voted for strike action over pensions. I went down to the march with Mrs C and my two boys. On Merseyside the local paper reports that, “In Liverpool, 142 out of 169 schools were partially […]

Strike day in Oxford.

We will have brief write-ups of strike and protest activities across the country from today – first, Oxford, by me. At seven thirty, in glorious sunshine, about 50 local residents turned up outside Oxford’s central job centre to bring love and breakfast to striking workers. For some of us, it had been a brief wink […]

Don’t Scab!


So, here we are. Today we will see the biggest day of action yet against the cuts. The average civil servant recieves a pension of £5023. It’s no wonder public sector workers are fighting against massive cuts to this entitlement. And so it’s no wonder that 48% support them, while only 36% don’t. This is […]

The Real Pensions Crisis: the Problem of Surplus Capital Absorption

We are told today that we face a crisis. People are living longer, there is a demographic timebomb and, coupled with need to bring down deficit, we have no choice but to accept reductions in our pensions, the need to work longer, contribute more and get back less in the end. In reality, none of […]

Fortnum & Mason ‘youth cases’ dropped

It appears that some or all of the young people (under 18) charged after the UK Uncut action at Fortnum & Mason have had their charges dropped. Anna Fleur who is 15 and one of the F&M 145, reports (cross posted from her blog with permission): If you’re reading this I got off. Ok, title […]

Some (Constructively) Critical Reflections on STUC Youth Conference

Last weekend I attended the STUC Youth Conference as a delegate from UCU. I’m told there hasn’t been a delegate from my union in a while, in a sense that’s not entirely surprising. Conference is only open to members under 27, and membership rates among postgraduates — certainly at Edinburgh — aren’t great, something we […]

Law as the codification of attitude

By Mairi Campbell Jack So, I was able to have a righteously leftist angry breakfast on Saturday courtesy of reading this article in the Guardian. The jist of it is that the Foetal Homicide Law that some states in America have introduced to protect women and their unborn from violent attacks from ex-partners etc, has […]

Strathclyde University Occupied

This afternoon student at Strathclyde University in Glasgow occupied the geography and sociology department of their university in opposition to threats of cuts and course closures. The students issued the following statement: On the 27/06/11 Strathclyde University went into occupation over the proposed cuts to four departments; community educacation, geography, music and sociology. These annoucements […]

Architecture of the left: our generation must build to win

I was asked to speak in the youth plenary at Compass conference this weekend. This is roughly what I said. From the Russian border to the French Atlantic, the historic parties of Europe’s centre left have been smashed. Three years after the collapse of financial capitalism, and the financial capitalists are back in charge. The […]

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