Bernie Sanders on the US debt debacle.

As the US Congress debates whether to accept a plan to cut $2.8trillion in spending over 10 years, and raise not one cent in taxes on the rich, let’s hear from the one* decent man in the Senate. * this may be a slight exaggeration – Franken’s not bad – but it’s sadly not far […]

Save Our Services: East Edinburgh Edition

Sometimes, something happens that restores your faith in activism, and humanity in general. This week, I had one of those moments at a public meeting for Save Our Services East Edinburgh. I’ve been to a lot of meetings since the Coalition government came to power, and not all of them have been terribly interesting or […]

Labour, loveable institutions, elections and the real big picture: a scattershot attempt to start a painful discussion

02:59 in a bedroom in Belfast is the wrong time and place to get deeply restless and fired up for a new, robust, proud and striving social democracy. And, as you’re about to see, it probably does little for coherence. Strangely, this restlessness was inspired by James Purnell’s Newsnight film on welfare, listless staring at […]

Love in a time of Anguish

Ruth lives in Tromsø, and writes from Oslo. “Kjærligheten vil vinner over hatet” ”Love will win over hate” So were the words of a young Utøya survivor. The Mayor followed on to assure that this small city in this small country would not give in to fear and prejudice but would respond with even more […]

The Grand Banks bloom! time to crack down on fish plundering

Like banks, habitats don’t decline gradually. They tumble. Perhaps the most drastic example of a sudden collapse of an eco-system of late has been that in Canada’s Grand Banks in the early 1990s. As the New Scientst reported in 1995: “THIRTY years ago, children in Newfoundland could catch fish by dipping a basket into the […]

How I became Disabled

By Clare Cochrane “I was like the drinker who didn’t want to admit it. That’s the first step in the AA meeting. I never wanted to admit publicly I’m disabled.” – Niko von Glasow, film director Well, it’s taken nearly 20 years, but I’ve finally come out as disabled. And it’s the scariest feeling. I’m […]

UK loses Zimbabwe payment record

By Tim Jones Part of my work at Jubilee Debt Campaign is to find out information about the debts owed to the shadowy Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD) of the UK government. The ECGD backs loans to other countries to be used to buy British-made exports, a process which leads to a lot of debt […]

Cut tax, borrow, then blame women: now the Tories are copying Bush

The reaction from the right to Britain’s spluttering economy has shown an astonishing lack of imagination. First out of the blocks, we see Boris Johnson tell us that we should abolish the 50% tax rate that is paid on earnings over £150,000. He reckons this will attract business people to the UK. Because apparently the […]

Assessing the Evidence on the ‘Community Right to Buy’

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act, passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2003, provoked both controversy and enthusiasm. Best known for creating Scotland’s ‘Right to Roam’, – the right to responsible access in rural Scotland, the Act also established what’s known as “the Community Right to Buy”. In light of a research published last month by […]

Abortion Rights and Democracy: The Nadine Dorries Update

When I wrote a piece for Bright Green a few weeks ago on the undemocratic nature of challenges to abortion rights, I didn’t expect to be writing a follow-up quite so soon. But the attack that I feared when I wrote that is now a very real risk, as the Liverpool Post recently discovered. Anti-abortion […]

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