Free Hetherington occupation ends: final statement

The Glasgow University Free Hetherington occupation was lifted as of midday today – 31st August 2011. Yesterday was its 212th, and final, day of enforcement. It was the longest running student occupation in UK history (we believe), and achieved almost all of its demands. The end of the occupation marks the end of the remarkable […]

Lessons from Libya – Democrats make for effective emperors

You have to hand it to Obama. The man is a smooth operator. When he got into power, Republicans threw up their hands in horror at the prospect of a leftie peacenick used to ‘palling around with terrorists’ getting his hands on reigns of American power. Nearly four years on, most of the Bush era […]

Abortion Rights: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

There’s a certain irony to promoting “non-directive counselling” as a means of reducing the abortion rate. But I’m starting to think that the coalition government doesn’t really understand irony. The Department of Health announced today that they are planning to use NHS funds to support independent abortion counselling – provided by anti-abortion pressure groups – […]

New Zealand’s best kept secret

New Zealand trades on its unspoiled, Middle Earth image, with tourism slogans ‘Clean & Green’ and ‘100% Pure’. Ashley Erdman discovers the truth is very different.

Russell Kane is a sexist bully

Russell Kane, on Thursday night, was featured in a BBC Comedy Festival special from Edinburgh. In his short set, he said that women ‘moan’ about getting unwanted male attention but then ‘put a short skirt and makeup on’, implied that he has considered sleeping with vulnerable women with low self-esteem to make himself feel better, […]

Day 6 – Prisonomics

Jonnie Marbles wrote this from prison, where he was serving time for throwing a cream pie at Rupert Murdoch. See his previous prison blogs here. Here, as far as I can gather, is how the prison economy works. Every Sunday (today) our captors furnish us with a “canteen sheet”. This is a double sided A4 list […]

Northern Irish Greens 2011 – Election Review

After reading Peter and Sam’s post-election thoughts on Green performance in Scotland and Wales, I thought I’d complete the regional picture. Less than a week after the Assembly elections in May, new Green MLA Steven Agnew was standing in the chamber making his maiden speech. Despite the sudden shift from count centre to Assembly floor, […]

Jonnie Marbles Prison Blog – Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Wandsworth

Jonnie Marbles wrote this from prison, where he was serving time for throwing a cream pie at Rupert Murdoch. See his previous prison blogs here. I’m worried I’m going to end up writing 14 stories where nothing happens. It’s sobering to think that The Shawshank Redemption chronicled 20 years in sing-sing and still only found […]

Finding a sense of place: community, art and the UK riots.

What is it that makes a community? We talk a lot about communities in political discourse but to what do we actually refer when we use the term? After the riots across England recently we heard a lot of commentators from the left and the right talk about how the rioters had turned on their […]

No shock doctrine for Libya

To say that the West’s involvement in Libya was all about oil was always far too simplistic. For any country to commit military force, a number of people must conclude that this is necessary. Each will have their own reasons, each a number of justifications. No war has one cause, no bombing a single explanation. […]

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