Does the action of the Sparks herald a return to militancy?

Two years ago a wave of militant industrial action swept across the UK. As the global financial crisis unfolded, neo-liberal capitalism seemed to be in crisis, banks were nationalised, and bankers vilified, billions were poured into stimulus packages and for a brief moment it appeared as if an opportunity existed for a reconfiguration of our […]

Third University Occupation over Fees for RUK Students.

Students from across Scotland have occupied Strathclyde University against cuts and fees. The occupiers released the following statement on their facebook page: The plans that began at the end of last term to run down community education and geography, dismantle sociology and close down music have no democratic mandate and are opposed to the wishes […]

Wall Street was already occupied

Sophielle writes from the Wall Street occupation Insofar as its empty tarmac has most often been lined with standard portable steel fences and policemen, Wall Street has not exactly been “occupied” these past ten days. The encampment is, as we all know, at Liberty Plaza a.k.a Zuccotti Park, a few minutes’ walk away from the […]

Anti anti-growth and the fallacy of economics

As our current economic model continues to drive us relentlessly towards the precipice of cataclysmic environmental destruction. While simultaneously forcing us to contemplate a ‘lost decade’ of stagnate high unemployment, reduction in the social wage and mass poverty. People are increasingly questioning the logic of a system based upon growth and the boom and bust […]

Palestine: something has changed

Abbas’ plea to the UN won’t bring about statehood overnight, but it has created momentum. Sometimes you move forward not because you know where you will find yourself next but because this forces there to be a next.

The waiting game on Dale Farm

‘I hope you’re not going to waste your weekend,’ says my taxi driver as I climb in and ask for Dale Farm. ‘They’re all scum up there I tell you. I’m fed up with do-gooders telling me I’m racist. I’ve had tools nicked from my shed and I know it was them.’ I ask my […]

Plan To Turn Northern Ireland Into Tax Haven Shelved

In a response to a question asked in the Assembly by Green MLA Steven Agnew, Northern Ireland’s Finance Minister Sammy Wilson revealed that plans to cut the province’s corporation tax rate from the UK rate of 26% to match the Republic of Ireland’s 12.5% rate is now very unlikely to happen during the life of […]

Brighton Uncut verdict: 4 ‘not guilty’, 5 ‘guilty’

brightonuncut Brighton Uncut 4 of the #brighton9 in TopShop window not guilty of criminal damage. #ukuncut 27 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply brightonuncut Brighton Uncut Judge has found 5 of #brighton9 guilty of criminal damage to mannequins. The ones in the Topman window. #BrightonUncut #ukuncut 28 minutes ago So it is that Brighton Uncut […]

Students occupy Royal Conservatoire to protest 9k fees

About 30 students from across Scotland are staging a sit-in at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland today (Friday) in protest against the institution’s announcement of 9k fees for RUK (Rest of UK) students. Following on from Edinburgh’s occupation last Friday, the students promise to disrupt management at Scottish universities with an ongoing campaign of targeted […]

Escalating police tactics and the growing assault on dissent

The imprisonment this week of student activist Ed Bauer for holding a banner on a bridge marks a disturbing escalation in the British police’s efforts to criminalise dissent. The news broke on Monday that one of the three students arrested holding a banner on a bridge next to the Lib Dem conference venue had been […]

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