Plan B vs. Plan C

Or Why I didn’t be attending the launch-Conference for Compass’s ‘Plan B’ event, this weekend. By Rupert Read I got an invite from Gavin Hayes and Neal Lawson to attend the launch-Conference this Saturday for Compass’s ‘Plan B’. Now, I’m a big fan of Compass. It has been for some time the only real sign […]

Plan B

By Victor Anderson Difficulties with the Coalition Government’s economic policies are becoming more and more obvious. Public spending cuts spread to the private sector too, as the public sector buys less from private suppliers, and there are also less public sector employees buying goods from the private sector. Thatcher’s famous “household analogy” breaks down – […]

Feminism, journalism and practicing what we preach

How good are organisations that are committed to gender equality at getting their own house in order? Left-wing organisations, without exception, formally accept the basic ideas of gender equality and often go far further in their rhetoric. They have a long history of talking the talk on gender but are they walking the walk? Inspired […]

Past tents: A brief history of protest camping

The year 2011 has seen a blossoming of protest camping. First there was the tented city in Egypt’s Tahrir Square, then the Indignados in Spain, then the youth protests in Israel, then Occupy Wall Street in the USA. Now in as many as 950 towns and cities across the world people have taken to the […]

Why I love Samba

This is a response by guest writer Nadia Idle to Adam Ramsay’s article Why I hate Samba, published in the first edition of the Occupied Times. Adam Ramsay, you are wrong about samba and this is why: Actually first, before we inspect your analysis, lets clear up one thing. If, when you hear the bass […]

Scottish Green Party Conference Preview 2011

Scottish Green Party conference kicks off today in Aberdeen. Many party members will be hoping to regroup after the disappointment of May’s election. Having failed to pick up the masses of voters abandoning the Liberal Democrats, the Greens have serious thinking to do. Our strategy for the 8 years that I’ve been involved with the […]

OK, the Times talks shit. Now can we move on?

In response to the ‘expose’ across the right wing press that people occupying London don’t actually sleep in their tents, the occupiers have released a video: What it shows is that the infra-red camera supposedly showing that no one was in their tents at 11:13pm (who would be in their tents then anyway?) doesn’t work. […]

Justice for the 99% or the 1%?

On Monday the 31st I’m going back to court. This now seems to be the beginnings of long proceedings. From the 16th of September to the 26th of September, I spent 10 days behind bars, without trial, for unfurling a banner off a bridge at the Liberal Democrat conference. It costs £112 pounds a day […]

The case for affordable, frequent, reliable public transport

This post is published as a series of blogs in support for a nationally growing campaign against the ‘Opening Public Services’ proposals. The following is from a pensioner in Bristol. By Julie Boston Bristol City Council sold, or handed over, its bus fleet when the Tories encouraged deregulation of the bus industry in the eighties.  A […]

Edinburgh’s Not for Sale – Time to Stop Privatisation Plans

Today City of Edinburgh Councillors are making the most important decision of their political careers. The Liberal Democrat-led administration has proposed a dramatic change in the level and mechanism of service delivery. While there’s been a lot of discussion of the Edinburgh Trams this change, if implemented, promises to turn vast swathes of Council services […]

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