Galloway’s win should be a wake up call to the left

This morning Ladbrokes will begin the biggest payout in British by-election history. George Galloway, who entered the race as a 33-1 outsider, has won the Bradford West election by a country mile. This sort of shock to the parliamentary political system is rare and and easily dismissed but it should come as a challenge to all […]

London Greens endorse Ken for second preference votes

London Green Party and its Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones will recommend that supporters cast their second-preference vote for Ken Livingstone in the May election.

The fight for Better Buses means a better democracy

Patrick Harvie’s Better Buses campaign demonstrates the Green ideal of community decision-making in practice.

1892 And All That

This week, the exclusive Kate Kennedy Club at St Andrews University have announced that from next year they will be accepting membership applications from women. Until now, the Club’s membership has comprised of 35 young men, mainly from very privileged backgrounds, who organise an annual procession, and a ball at the start and end of […]

Why CCTV is not the answer to sexual assault.

By Naomi Beecroft I’ve heard a lot of talk about CCTV recently, and this really worries me. It more than worries me, it disturbs me. I am genuinely pleased to hear that the experiences of women are seriously being included in mainstream dialogue, and I am pleased to hear that people are looking for tangible […]

Fortnum and Mason trial C – Not Guilty

What a wonderful final scene of the first act of this farce. When the CPS chose to prosecute only 30 of the 145 people arrested in Fortnum and Mason’s on the 26th of June, we laughed at the arbitrary criteria on which we were chosen. The judge then recognised that we couldn’t all fit into […]

Scotland’s GPs Call for an End to ATOS Assessments

Scotland’s GP’s have called for to an end to the Government’s controversial, computer-based ‘Work Capability Assessments’ carried out by French IT multinational Atos Origin for the DWP with “immediate effect”: The following motion was passed at the Scottish Local Medical Committee Conference this week: 60. That this conference, in respect of Work Capability Assessments (WCA) […]

Great Green Campaigns: Scotland 2003

Was the Scottish Green Party’s Scottish Parliament election campaign in 2003 an example of a ‘great green campaign’? In many ways, no. We had very little money, few activists outside Edinburgh and Glasgow, a tiny and damp national office, two paid staff members, and generally had to beg or borrow resources (including sometimes having to […]

Hundreds join UK Uncut’s Downing Street Dole Queue to tell George Osborne that ‘Austerity Isn’t Working’

Nearly 400 UK Uncut protestors gathered to form a ‘dole queue‘ outside Downing St today to highlight soaring unemployment under the government’s austerity programme. Unemployed people from across London came together with members of the anti-austerity direct action group UK Uncut to recreate the Tories’ iconic 1979 election poster featuring a queue of jobseekers snaking […]

Why Scotland’s 2012 Local Government Elections are an opportunity to radicalise Government

The notion that government could be used to transform the power structures of society to the advantage of workers was at the heart of much twentieth century radical thought. And the success of this notion is the reason why neoliberalism has a profound attack on government at its core. Many radicals reject this attack. That […]

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