Students’ union letting agencies – Part of the Solution?

After two long years, the project that has dominated most of my Vice Presidency of Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union has come to fruition – the creation of ‘SU Lets’, a student-focused ethical lettings agency, that finally opened last week. The details of how we got here are long and gruelling. From early beginnings as […]

Scottish Government must act to allow Portobello and Leith wind project to go ahead

One of the most exciting things I’ve been involved with in my time in Edinburgh is the proposal for a community owned wind turbine. The turbine would be shared between communities in Portobello and Leith. It would be the first community-owned, revenue generating urban wind turbine in the UK, if it gets the go-ahead. And […]

Celebrating 44 Years of Legal Abortion

Today it is exactly 44 years since the 1967 Abortion Act came into effect. Since 27th April 1968, women in Scotland, England and Wales have had the right to decide whether to continue a pregnancy, or whether to safely and legally end it. Abortion is not a new invention; there are records of its use […]

Why I’m going to the Big Six Bash

Guest post by Ellie Smith On the 3rd May at the UK Energy Summit, just for a change, a load of extremely powerful energy companies that own the vast majority of the UK’s energy will speak with politicians and policy formers about the future of our country’s energy – how much we need, and where […]

Why we need fair pay on campus

by Zain Sardar (Young Greens Member Support Officer) Antagonisms have been increasing over the last few years over the excessive pay of Vice Chancellors of Universities across the country. More and more students and staff can feel aggrieved at this; especially in a time of austerity where Higher Education as a whole has seen its […]

Mean Girls: feminism, the internet, and being “nice”

This week I got into an argument in the comments of a blog post about rape allegations on another website. The location of this argument doesn’t matter, and although most of the content doesn’t bear repeating, it provided an almost textbook example of the prehistoric attitudes that women – and in particular, feminist women – […]

Video: Pollution killing 4,000 Londoners a year

A London Green Party film reveals the depth of the city’s air quality crisis, with 4,000 Londoners a year dying from air pollution. But the rest of the country has a long way to go before it takes the issue as seriously as the capital.

Green anti-cuts rebels rewarded in Euro selection

Cllr Alex Phillips, the only Green to vote against the Brighton and Hove budget, has been selected to the highly winnable number 2 slot on the party’s South-East list. Third spot on the list was won by Dr Derek Wall, who was also opposed to the budget.

How our universities were “liberated” & why New Labour’s structural reforms have failed

Having been expelled from all university committees as VPE for a protest against the university’s controversial ban on protests, I have started a series of posts on the university based on its private papers to deliver in pamphlets to the university community. This is the third of these posts, the second & first can be […]

Peter McColl Rectorial Address

The five Scottish Universities with roots in the pre-modern era each have Rectors. The Rector presides at the University’s governing body, the Court, and is elected by students (and at Edinburgh University, staff). I was elected Rector of the University of Edinburgh in an unopposed election in January this year. I was ‘installed’ last week […]

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