Women’s lifestyle magazines hate women

In the fight against patriarchy and self-hate, aspirational glossies are a fifth column in your handbag, argues Emma-Kate McAlpine

Alex Phillips is first candidate for Green Party Deputy Leader

Alexandra Phillips has become the first candidate to emerge for Deputy Leader of the Green Party. The councillor for Goldsmid ward on Brighton and Hove City Council is seen as a favourite of the left of the party and the Young Greens, and is close to Caroline Lucas having served as campaign co-ordinator in her successful 2010 election bid.

RBS AGM: the Report shareholders won’t see

Friends of the Earth Scotland research shows the fossil-fuel-laden investment portfolio of state-owned RBS is undermining the government’s claimed commitment to green energy.

Union of Students in Ireland votes to retain free education stance

A special conference of the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), the national union of students in Ireland, has voted to retain the union’s stance that higher education should be 100% funded by the Irish exchequer. This is despite a campaign by some members of the union’s leadership to push the union towards a ‘graduate […]

Fairness and equality for Scotland? Only with independence

I’ve been asked a lot about what my position on independence is. It’s not an issue I find particularly easy. I grew up in Belfast where constitutional debate is a like a dead hand on politics. The five larger Northern Irish parties all contain almost the full ideological spectrum, and it’s still not clear to […]

3 ways to win elections: a guide for the Green Party

I’ll admit it: it’s hard to give up on party politics when some of the most talented youth of today are involved. That’s why it was sad news to hear the election losses by the Cathays Greens in Cardiff and Adam Ramsay in Oxford (by 50 votes!), So I started thinking: With great campaigns and […]

The crisis in the eurozone

The crisis is so complex, intractable and toxic that it’s hard to know where to start. This is not the place to discourse at length on the character, causes and consequences of the crisis or to assess alternative ideas for resolving it. I simply offer some general thoughts, in no particular order of importance. The […]

Bring back national service!

Gilbert Ramsay’s modest proposal for a draft, fit for the 21st century.

Rape culture, not Asian culture, is to blame for Rochdale

The fact that race, not rape, has dominated discussion of the Rochdale rape case, says a lot about the state of society today. The event in itself is an abhorrent display of violence against women, but the reaction shows a far more widespread disease affecting society. We live in a rape culture.

The Jubilee is a national sedative; this is a national wake up call

UK Uncut’s alternative street parties celebrate the NHS and the welfare state, but they are more about claiming the future than reclaiming the past.

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