The Real Scandal of Police Sexual Offences

Over the last few days the Guardian has reported that that, in the space of four years, there have been fifty six known cases where a police officer or other employee of the police service in England and Wales has been charged with or disciplined for sexual offences. Fifty six sounds at the same time […]

Driving people to self-immolation: pour encourager les autres

Yes, it has come to this – an unemployed man in Birmingham has set fire to himself outside a job centre. The exact context of his self-immolation is not yet known, and no doubt the government, if they say anything, will talk about tragic personal circumstances, about how they shouldn’t comment on individual cases. And […]

Green Party leadership candidates announced

The Green Party’s returning officer has just announced the full ballots for Leader and Deputy: Leader Natalie Bennett Pippa Bartolotti Peter Cranie Romayne Phoenix Deputy Leader Caroline Allen Cllr Will Duckworth Cllr Richard Mallender Cllr Alexandra Phillips Candidates for positions on the Green Party Executive (GPEx) will be announced later this afternoon.

From satanic mills to shopping malls: towards a new era of struggle against insecurity

An invitation In my last blog I argued that the left needed a theory of social change, and that the lack of one is at the heart of many of the deficiencies of the contemporary left. I will now try and elucidate a potential theoretical starting point for such a project. Before doing so it […]

Rio+20: The UK’s Great Nature Sale

WDM’s Kirsty Wright shows that Nick Clegg wasn’t in Rio to protect the environment – he was there to privatise it.

Gove is wrong, we should scrap exams at 16 altogether

The Conservative proposals to do away with GCSEs and re-introduce, in some form, a two tier O-Level / CSE-like system has understandably created controversy and distress among many critics and supporters of the coalition alike. Once again teachers and teenagers find themselves subject to the idea that teaching standards are lower and exams easier than […]

Democratising the economy, one university at a time

by Mike Williamson A few salvoes have been fired this week in the ideological battle for democratic and public higher education. Harriet Swain wrote an interesting exploratory article in the Guardian on Monday in which she asked “should students be given the power to decide how universities are run?”, followed quickly by comment pieces by […]

Costa Rica tops 2012 Happy Planet Index

Nic Marks explains how his alternative economic indicator tells us more about our progress towards real human goals than GDP ever could.

A Tear-Stained Hagiography: Remembering Elinor Ostrom

Derek Wall is currently writing an intellectual biography of Elinor Ostrom and is a little tearful. Elinor Ostrom, the first – and so far, only – woman to win the Nobel Prize for Economics, died on Monday. She was awarded the prize in 2009 for her work on the commons, in which she challenged Garrett […]

What kind of Green leader?

In America they say that Democrats choose leaders they can fall in love with while Republicans choose leaders they can fall in line behind. Perhaps that’s because in American politics the Democrats make their appeal to the head while the Republicans go for the guts. All too often liberals win the argument only for the […]

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