Past Occupations: What’s going on with Occupy in the US?

In Madison, Wisconsin, you can’t avoid politics. The graffiti outside the state Capitol Building, the snatches of overheard discussions in the bars, and the commemorative cards at the radical bookstore all relate to one thing: the events that have unfolded since the rebellion of March 2011. Against the backdrop of events in Tunisia and Egypt, […]

Empty seats at the Olympics show the reality of corporate Britain

I watched a bit of the Olympics yesterday. The road race cycling seemed to be well attended, even if many of us didn’t get the result we wanted to see. But watching the tennis made me wonder why there were so many empty seats. It dawned on me that these were probably seats offered to […]

Scottish Coalition Against NATO and For Peace Formed

The SNP are considering reversing their opposition to Scottish membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). In response to this news a Scottish coalition has come together to make the case for peace and against Scotland’s membership of NATO. Here is the press release announcing the new coalition: “A diverse group of Scottish organisations […]

The Olympics Romneyshambles

Mitt Romney broke the first rule of politics: he told truth. If it wasn’t close to the bone, his comment that London isn’t ready for the Olympics wouldn’t have touched a nerve. As it is, the “joke” was a boot straight in Cameron’s funny bone. The Olympics is, of course, politically complex. It has all […]

HMRC should concentrate on closing tax loopholes, not school children and plumbers

Commenting on David Gauke’s criticism of cash-in-hand payments as ‘immoral’, and the accusation that HMRC are encouraging school children to ‘become state spies’ and report neighbours who pay too little in tax, UK Uncut spokeswoman Kat Templeton said: ‘Maybe HMRC are turning to school children for help because the Coalition are cutting 10,000 jobs from […]

Jack McConnell blasts Labour’s “caveman” attitude to Happiness Index

Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Michael Dugher MP rejected the Measuring National Wellbeing Programme as “a statement-of-the-bleeding-obvious [and] a waste of taxpayers’ money,” prompting Lord McConnell to describe Labour’s response as “ignorant” and to say of Dugher “the guy sounds like a caveman”.

Patrick Harvie endorses Alex Phillips for GPEW deputy

“I’ll be voting for Alex because I believe she has a terrific combination of qualities which the Deputy Leader will need – energy, creativity, political experience and the charisma needed to help build a stronger Green Party and communicate its message to the widest possible audience.”

Conservative ignores £13 trillion in tax havens to focus on tradespeople

From UK Uncut: Treasury Minister David Gauke last night attempted to reshape the public debate around tax avoidance and evasion by focusing government anger at trades people ‘dealing cash in hand’. Public anger at tax avoidance has been growing recently fueled by the action of groups such as UK Uncut targeting corporate tax avoiders, and […]

Letting Agent Fails to Disrupt Tenant Protest

In a farcical move, letting agent DJ Alexander hired contractors to carry out unsafe work outside their offices at noon on Friday 20th July in an attempt to prevent a protest by Edinburgh Private Tenants’ Action Group (EPTAG). More than 20 tenants – some of them in TV cop costumes inspired by the Beastie Boys’ […]

Turning altruism into exploitation

Today a new campaign ‘Justice for Interns / Volunteers’ is being launched by charity workers hoping to end what they see as the exploitative practices of many charities. This got me thinking about the circumstances under which it is OK for charities to use volunteers and unpaid interns as a source of free labour and […]

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