Welcome to Bright Green. We do news and analysis for the green and progressive movement, and we’re one of Britain’s leading left wing blogs.

Who are we

Editorial Team:

Sarah Beattie-Smith (Twitter)
Ric Lander (Twitter)

Benali Hamdache
Violeta Vajda
Equality and Rights Editors

Rustam Majainah
Environment Editor

Deborah Fenney Salkeld
Ric Lander
Economics Editors

Josiah Mortimer
Adam Mcgibbon
Green Movement Editors

Clifford Fleming
William Pinkney-Baird
Youth Editors

Special Contributors:
Mark Ballard
Maggie Chapman
Peter McColl
Mike Williamson
Adam Ramsay
Gary Dunion

Contributors: There are also lots of other regular and less regular contributors, and we’re always happy for people to submit posts – don’t feel you have to know us or have been asked to write.

Writing for Bright Green

If you want to write for Bright Green, or to send us news, please do email us on bright.green.editors@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you. If it’s news, then just tell us what the story is. If it’s a blog post written by you, you can either submit the post itself, or get in touch with the idea and we’ll let you know what we think.

Here are some tips for the sorts of things we are likely to say yes to, but all of these are sometimes broken:

blogs you’re writing for us (comment, analysis, features, write ups of events, etc):

  1. Try to keep it under 1000 words. 600 is ideal, though if the case you are making simply needs more than 1000 words, we are still happy to consider your piece.
  2. We are an unashamedly left wing/green/progressive blog. While we will publish pieces whose content some or all of the editors disagree with, we are less likely to do so if we strongly disagree with them. If they are matters for debate within progressive movements, that’s probably fine. If they are just right wing/conservative then this probably isn’t the place for them (but if you think it is the place for them, get in touch and we’ll let you know what we think).
  3. Don’t feel it has to be directly relevant to today’s news (though obviously this is no bad thing). Some of the best pieces we’ve had have been reflections on broader or longer term questions.
  4. Despite the URL, we aren’t a particularly Scottish blog. We’re all sort of from Scotland in one way or another, but the blog is mostly about UK and global issues. So don’t feel it has to relate to Scotland in any way.


We don’t try to provide a comprehensive news service, but we are interested in news that doesn’t get covered elsewhere, particularly if it is from campaigning groups and unions. Please send us tips or press releases to bright.green.editors@gmail.com.

More specifically, if your news is about a protest, stunt, action or report, we would rather you write a comment piece about why the issue is important. Please get in touch about this. If something has happened that hasn’t been organised by you, but which you feel should get more attention (you’re a union and some of your workers are being sacked, or if some big evil company you are campaigning against has done something new, for example) then please let us know.

Moderation policy

We do not usually moderate comments on Bright Green. Their presence on the blog in no way implies our endorsement of their content: either of the opinions or of any assertions. However, we do reserve the right to remove any comments for any reason we wish. If you feel a comment should be removed, then contact us at bright.green.editors@gmail.com.


Unless otherwise stated all pieces by any of the editors (see the list above) are under a creative commons license.¬†You may republish them without needing further permission for non-commercial purposes following¬†these guidelines. If you want to re-publish any articles by anyone else, or to publish any of our articles for commercial purposes, please get in touch on bright.green.editors@gmail.com. If you do cross-post our blogs, it’d be nice if you link back to Bright Green, and if you let us know that you’re doing it.

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