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Greens and Trades Unionists must work together

Posted on November 29, 2013 by | No Comments

This is a guest post by Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, who is hosting an event today on ‘Building our Green economic future’, more details of which can be found here. Jean tweets at @GreenJeanMEP. It has long been argued that the Greens and the trade union movement have little in common: but I [...]

Grangemouth: a few big men push the rest of us from society

Posted on October 26, 2013 by | No Comments

This week’s news has been grim reading for those of us concerned with democratising the economy. Big events which affect us all have been sewn up by a small number of very powerful men. First, the ‘rescue package’ which stopped the Cooperative Bank from going under left it now majority-owned by outside shareholders, primarily American [...]

New poll: mass support for public ownership

Posted on August 5, 2013 by | 1 Comment

Privatisation is unpopular, a failure, and being rejected across the Western world. That’s the finding of a major report from the new campaign group ‘We Own It‘, which calls for a new public service users’ bill. The report draws on a poll the organisation commissioned from Survation, and gives a wealth of academic studies and [...]

Happy Employee Ownership Day! To celebrate, sack your boss.

Posted on July 4, 2013 by | 1 Comment

An under-appreciated Green Party policy would give employees the right to buy the company they work for.

Making the case for higher taxation

Posted on May 10, 2013 by | 5 Comments

Last Thursday’s local elections covered all 27 of the English counties, in eight unitary authorities and one Welsh authority, as well as two mayoral elections in Doncaster and North Tyneside. The results of these elections in 2009 were overwhelmingly Conservative dominated, but with mounting Con-Dem unpopularity and a huge surge in UKIP support, the local [...]

Osborne’s wrong but we need to consider a Scottish currency

Posted on April 23, 2013 by | 2 Comments

George Osborne is in Glasgow today to lecture us on how independence would be a bad idea. This is, he argues, because the rest of the UK wouldn’t allow Scotland to have a say over monetary policy in a shared currency – the pound sterling. His position is that currency unions are not a good [...]

The one kind of immigration that’s not so great

Posted on April 21, 2013 by | 2 Comments

I spend a lot of my life arguing that immigration isn’t an economic problem. Immigrants don’t steal our jobs – with every pair of hands comes a mouth. The stuff they buy creates jobs. However, there is one kind of immigration which, if I’m honest, does cause an economic problem. Today, the Sunday Times Rich [...]

The academic case for austerity crumbles… but it won’t change anything

Posted on April 19, 2013 by | 1 Comment

So, it turns out that one of the main academic papers used to justify the government’s massive cuts is wrong. I mean, not in the ‘some academics think it’s wrong, others think it’s right, it’s all really complex’ type way. In the ‘they forgot to copy and paste the right formula all the way down [...]

Today is a mighty achievement for Cameron and Osborne

Posted on April 1, 2013 by | 2 Comments

Beware a young man with something to prove. That, surely, must be the lesson of today. As the next round of the government’s assault on the people of Britain comes into force, it is important to consider how much of an achievement this is for the Conservative party. Others have summed up what’s happening today [...]

UK Uncut plan to ‘evict a millionaire’ over Bedroom Tax

Posted on March 24, 2013 by | 1 Comment

Anti-cuts direct action group pledges to “bring the cuts home to millionaire misery makers… millionaires with loads of spare rooms, who are avoiding tax, or politicians or business people who are directly pushing or benefiting from the cuts.”

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