New poll: mass support for public ownership

Privatisation is unpopular, a failure, and being rejected across the Western world. That’s the finding of a major report from the new campaign group ‘We Own It‘, which calls for a new public service users’ bill. The report draws on a poll the organisation commissioned from Survation, and gives a wealth of academic studies and […]

Academics and the defence of their universities

Luke Martell An inspiring Convention for Higher Education in Brighton has made an important step forward, discussing what the public university should be, and investigating the implications of its marketisation. Universities in England have introduced sky-high tuition fees. Inequalities will escalate. Private providers are working their way in, with government support. Competition between universities more […]

A Cap on GP Appointments and Other Tory Health Proposals

By now most of you will have heard that the Tories have asked local party groups whether they think there should be a cap on the number of GP appointments that NHS patients (excluding those in Scotland, as responsibility for the Scottish NHS is devolved to Holyrood) should be allowed in a year. The original […]

Legal aid reforms will create a two-tier justice system

By Adam Pogonowski Yet another example of the Tories’ determination to attack the worst off in our society is their proposed reforms to criminal legal aid. Legal aid has already been removed from civil law areas such as clinical negligence cases, personal injury and divorce. In short, this will leave some individuals unable to access […]

The academic case for austerity crumbles… but it won’t change anything

So, it turns out that one of the main academic papers used to justify the government’s massive cuts is wrong. I mean, not in the ‘some academics think it’s wrong, others think it’s right, it’s all really complex’ type way. In the ‘they forgot to copy and paste the right formula all the way down […]

An aspiration nation

An aspiration nation. That’s how George Osborne described the UK in his fourth budget. A budget that brings some fortune to big business, home owners and tax avoiders but gives little hope to the hundreds of thousands who may face eviction because of the bedroom tax, to the single parents wondering how they’re going to […]

Budget Day Strikes – support the PCS today

It’s budget day. Again. Once more, George Osborne will stand up on his hind legs and assault the people of Britain. And once more, the Public and Commercial Services Union are standing on the from line against him. Tomorrow, PCS members are on strike. They are, quite rightly, demanding a pay rise. For too long, […]

tours of Greece: Life and Debt in Thessaloniki

By Nick Dearden – this blog first appeared on the website of the Jubilee Debt Campaign, of which he is director. Nick is currently in Greece on a fact finding mission with people from across Europe. If you’re in Scotland, you can find out more about his travels at Rich Man’s World in Edinburgh on the […]

It’s time to reclaim our economy for global justice

By Kara Moses What is the economy? An abstract pseudoscience constructed by experts that has little to do with the average citizen? Simply the way money flows through a society? Nick Dearden, Director of Jubilee Debt Campaign, opened the Crash conference in Birmingham by putting this question to the audience. Answers included ‘life, the universe […]

London event: Austerity is working – for the 1%

Join us for an inspiring day of discussion, film & workshops in London. The welfare state is under attack, workers’ rights are being eroded and poverty and inequality are on the rise. This is not a new crisis. The austerity measures now being imposed in the UK and Europe have been replicated around the world […]

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