Hillsborough: Two oranges

Matt Hanley watched the Hillsborough disaster on TV as a nine-year-old Liverpool fan.

LOLBoris and LOLObama

OK, I’m going to make a clear prediction: Barack Obama is gonna win. I should add that, when Gordon Brown was 10 points down in 2010, I predicted he’d be the next PM: that the disastrous Tory campaign would fail to convince people. When Ken was a mile behind, I was confidently asserting that he [...]

What’s bigger, “peanuts” or “chicken feed”?

You might think a paper whose £250,000 largesse to Boris Johnson was describes as “chicken feed” would be slow to attack a “peanuts” £245k full-time salary. But that’s just because you haven’t done the sums.

Cut tax, borrow, then blame women: now the Tories are copying Bush

The reaction from the right to Britain’s spluttering economy has shown an astonishing lack of imagination. First out of the blocks, we see Boris Johnson tell us that we should abolish the 50% tax rate that is paid on earnings over £150,000. He reckons this will attract business people to the UK. Because apparently the [...]

Scots pupils face exam in Boris comprehension

Scots teenagers hoping to excel in their Higher English exam have been set a Herculean trial – identifying what Boris Johnson is on about in one of his rambling Telegraph columns.

A green ‘Plan B’ – why we need a low-carbon strategy out of recession

By Mark Watts, chair of the Environment session at this weekends Progressive London Conference, former environment adviser to Ken Livingstone From 2000 to 2008 London became recognised for its world leading environmental policies, from the congestion charge and Low Emission Zone to the Mayor’s ground-breaking Climate Change Action Plan, culminating in London’s creation and leadership [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Labour’s new ad

Yesterday’s debate’s biggest gaffe was undoubtedly David Cameron’s hamfisted ‘Axis of Evil’ speech, citing China (along with Iran) as the reason we need nuclear missiles. “Are we really happy to say that we’d give up our independent nuclear deterrent when we don’t know what is going to happen with Iran, we can’t be certain of [...]