An aspiration nation

An aspiration nation. That’s how George Osborne described the UK in his fourth budget. A budget that brings some fortune to big business, home owners and tax avoiders but gives little hope to the hundreds of thousands who may face eviction because of the bedroom tax, to the single parents wondering how they’re going to […]

Eight steps to cut economic growth, by George Osborne MP

by George Osborne MP, aka Ric Lander 1. Encourage savings and inheritance Encouraging people to pass on their wealth unused to the next generation is a great way to reduce the amount of money flowing through the economy. I’ve not yet been able to deliver my full plan for cutting growth in this way, but you […]

BREAKING: Why we plebs occupied Andrew Mitchell’s office on budget day

by Roz Burgin Today, December 5th, George Osborne is to deliver his Autumn Statement outlining further cuts and ‘sacrifices’ to be made in the name of austerity. My friends and I are protesting against this austerity by occupying the office of the only Tory MP in our city – Birmingham. That is the office of […]

UK Uncut to form ‘dole queue’ outside Downing Street to highlight soaring unemployment

Hundreds of people will gather to form a ‘dole queue’ outside Downing St at 11am on Budget Day, Wed 21st March to highlight soaring unemployment under the government’s austerity programme. The jobless total is at a 17-year high of 2.67m, with female unemployment at a 25 year high. Youth unemployment stands at 1.04m, a rate […]

Women’s Budget protest – pictures

20 women blockaded the main exits from Downing Street this morning, in an attempt to stop George Osborne delivering a Budget that would hammer women. The protestors were in place from 11.15 until 11.52, when the Chancellor’s car broke through the blockade. Protestor Sara Ayech said: “We are stopping George Osborne from delivering his bankers’ […]

Budget 2011: Retro Shock Doctrine as Thatcher’s Enterprise Zones return

In a display of loyalty to the memory of Margaret Thatcher (don’t get excited; she’s still alive), George Osborne today announced that now the Tories are back in power, they’re bringing back Enterprise Zones. There will be 21 in total. Ten locations have been chosen by Osborne, so we will see EZs in Birmingham and […]

Budget open thread

George Osborne gives his first regular-season Budget speech today at 12.30. You can watch on BBC2, BBC Parliament or online at BBC Democracy Live. We’ll have analysis for you once we have our hands on the Budget documents, and we’ll be tweeting throughout the speech @brightgrn. In the meantime, this open thread is for you […]

It’s better to break the law than to break the poor

Brenner’s unemployment mortality rate formula suggests that the cuts will result in the deaths of approximately 20,000 people due unemployment alone. What we are witnessing then is the nothing less than a genocide of the vulnerable. In the face of such brutality the only moral position open to councillors is to refuse to act as the executioner for this government of millionaires. We must create a campaign similar to those in the 1920’s and 1980’s based upon the setting of illegal no cuts budgets.

Scottish Greens Unveil Budget Proposals

On Monday the Scottish Green Party released their proposals to amend the draft budget before Holyrood today, focussing on protecting education and housing (including a programme of home insulation we’ve been pushing for for a while). We’re likely to hear a lot over the next few months, and possibly years, about how councils and devolved […]

Help Shape the Edinburgh Council Budget

Edinburgh council are looking for feedback on their plans for the budget and service provision over the next few years. There’s an online survey, with highly leading questions and no space to offer comments, and over the next few weeks they’re organising a series of meetings to gauge opinions. You’ll have the chance to find […]

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