By Mike Small There’s been a lot of talk about ‘re-establishing trust’ in the food system. But that’s probably the last thing we need to be doing. What we’re living through is a time when institutions and old systems are failing, old certainties falling by the wayside. Some call it ‘collapsonomics’. It’s a moment of […]

Film: The horse meat scandal explained in 2 minutes

By Peter Lefort and Richard Roaf

#idlenomore: Clayton Thomas-Muller speech on indigenous rights

Clayton Thomas-Muller of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba Canada is the tar sands campaign director for the Indigenous Environmental Network and a friend of Bright Green. He gave this speech to Canadian indigenous peoples’ Idle No More protest in Ottowa this week. Harper said sorry for residential schools…yeah, we remember that sound […]

Great Aspirations

In his party conference speech this week, David Cameron talked about the importance of aspiration, and his party’s desire to look after those who “strive to make a better life for themselves”. Amongst all of the lies and twisted statistics in that speech, it was the stuff about the virtues of hard work that bothered […]

On the coming food crisis

At what point do you draw a line through the dots on a graph and call them a trend? At what point do we stop calling talking about “another food crisis” and start accepting we are entering a new era in which our food system is perpetually in crisis – that it has failed? There […]

A report from the doorstep

I love election campaigns, for a simple reason. It is one of the few times that I get around to knocking on doors and talking to people. And people are awesome. It is through conversations with people about the difficulties in their lives that I learn how the issues on which I campaign are truly […]

Share buy backs and the failure of ‘Schrödinger’s capitalism’

The New York Times reported yesterday the return of corporate share buy-backs in the USA. When I tweeted the link to the story, someone replied with perhaps the best analogy I could come up with: this is like burning the house to keep warm. Which it is. A share buy back essentially means this: the […]

Beating the right and the coming European event horizon

“Event Horizon: (n) A spatial boundary around a black hole inside which gravity is strong enough to prevent all matter and radiation from escaping.” As the European economy teeters on the brink of collapse, now is surely the time to ask how to make sure we don’t get our arse handed to us like we […]

Why radicals should engage with Occupy London, not dismiss it

Over the last few days, there seems to be a growing trend from some people on the more radical left to knock Occupy London, dismissing or demeaning its demands and its politics. At the more light hearted end of the spectrum were the #occupylsxdemands jokes, a gentle jibe at the occupations apparent lack of radical […]

Wall Street was already occupied

Sophielle writes from the Wall Street occupation Insofar as its empty tarmac has most often been lined with standard portable steel fences and policemen, Wall Street has not exactly been “occupied” these past ten days. The encampment is, as we all know, at Liberty Plaza a.k.a Zuccotti Park, a few minutes’ walk away from the […]

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