Rail Renationalisation: Edinburgh meeting with Christian Wolmar

While I was first becoming interested in a serious way in politics there were lots of interesting things happening. I was very interested in the peace process in the north of Ireland. But one thing that really caught my attention was rail privatisation. And the man who I read almost daily on this was Christian […]

Caroline Lucas’ bill to renationalise the railways published today

“Britain was once a world leader in transport thanks to our hugely successful railways, but today’s privatised system – characterised by poor services and some of the most expensive fares in Europe – is ripping off passengers, harming the economy and failing the environment.”

Caroline Lucas announces bill to bring railways back into public ownership

At the People’s Assembly yesterday, Caroline Lucas announced that, this week, she will introduce a private members’ bill to bring Britain’s railways back into public ownership. Public ownership of the railways is supported by something like 75% of voters, and could be done in a number of ways, including full renationalisation, and the Rail, Maritime […]

Watch the Greens’ thrillingly unapologetic, socialist broadcast

Caroline Lucas’ local election film is the clearest and most explicit proclamation of the Greens’ democratic socialist principles ever.

Sussex Uni ‘Pop-Up Union’ to fight outsourcing

Workers at the University of Sussex have formed a new union in a bid to halt the outsourcing of 235 campus jobs. The initiative comes from rank-and-file members of the three recognised campus trade unions, with the support of students from the now six-week old Occupy Sussex movement. Announcing the move at a mass demonstration […]

PCS to back anti-cuts candidates

The Public and Commercial Services Union has announced it will back anti-cuts candidates in future national elections. Whilst local FBU branches have in the past backed Green candidates, this is believed to be the first time a union not affiliated to the Labour Party has adopted a national strategy for election campaigns. Which candidates the […]

Caroline Lucas stands down: space for someone to lead

So, it’s now public – the rumours that Caroline Lucas is standing down as Green Party leader have been confirmed. It’s a good move. Perversely, because we didn’t used to have one, we Greens have a long history of talking about what a leader is for. One of those roles – the role we used […]

Caroline Lucas to step down as Green leader

Caroline Lucas will not run for a third time when her current two-year term as Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales ends in September.

Yes to an EU referendum

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas today backed a referendum of Britain’s membership of the EU. This was apparently such a surprise to the world at large that her name was instantly trending on Twitter. But that someone on the left supports a referendum should come as no shock. Because this country’s public debate about the […]

film: a reminder after DSEi arms fair of Eisenhower’s warning

Last week we saw the return of the DSEi arms fair, and the usual protest against its presence. Defence Secretary Liam Fox went to bow down before these peddlers of death tools, whilst Caroline Lucas helped uncover illegal cluster bomb sales. Inside, machines of murder were bought and sold, outside, protesters exchanged slogans and leaflets. […]

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