Conference shows Scottish Greens are a force to be reckoned with

Last Thursday, the people of Clacton dealt a massive blow to the establishment by voting UKIP and… re-electing their former Tory MP. After having the media spotlight on them for such a long time, receiving massive quantities of money from various wealthy donors, and having a number of public school-educated Tories defect and join their […]

Next month’s Autumn Conference could solidify the Greens’ place on the left

The 13th-16th September will see hundreds of Greens from across the country descend on Brighton for the party’s Autumn Conference. And from the look of what’s made the final agenda, it’s shaping up to be an interesting and radical one, further entrenching the party’s position as a significant force for progress in British politics. For […]

Social Justice at the Heart: Green Party’s Clause 4 Moment at Nottingham Conference 2013

On Friday Britain lost its ‘Triple-A Credit Rating’ as a result of a Westminster Government seeking to reverse all the gains made by working people over the past 170 years. It has never been more important for the Green Party to assert its position as the only party that can stand up to the destruction […]

This conference could establish the Greens as the party of the left

Josiah Mortimer, University of York Green Party The Green Party of England and Wales’ Spring Conference looks set to be a radical one. In just a couple of weeks’ time – and on the Greens’ 40th ‘birthday’ – hundreds will gather to determine the direction of the party. The votes of these members could help […]

Scottish Green Party Conference Review 2011

Scottish Green Party conference 2011 was a pretty subdued affair as might be expected after the poor election result in May. There were some real highlights, though. The speakers gave very interesting presentations on what it’s like to run a Green Council and how the Aberdeen By-pass can best be opposed. One thing that was […]

Northern Ireland Green Party Conference 2011

The Green Party in Northern Ireland’s conference took place in the Ramada Encore Hotel in Belfast’s trendy Cathedral Quarter last weekend – five minutes’ walk away is Writer’s Square, where Belfast’s fledgling local chapter of the Occupy Movement have set up their tents. Delegates, of course, went down to show support. Conference can tend to […]

Lower Than Vermin

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! Die, die, die! This was one of the most enthusiastic chants I heard outside the Tory party conference on Sunday; two decades later, protesters in Manchester haven’t forgotten what happened under the governments of the 80s and 90s. But then Manchester has a very long history of resisting Tory policies, and to […]

Lib Dem conference protester remanded in custody after banner drop

The three men remanded in custody for three days over the weekend, after a banner drop at the Liberal Democrat conference, appeared in court today. The men were remanded as their membership of an “organization” showed that they could not be trusted not to cause danger to the public. At court all three men pleaded […]

“Unrestrained capitalism eats away at the fabric of our society” – Caroline Lucas’ conference speech

The full text of Caroline Lucas’ keynote speech to the 2011 Green Party Autumn Conference at Sheffield Hallam University.

Reinvigorating the Student Movement

Last Saturday the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) held a ‘reinvigoration conference’ at Birmingham university to debate its future direction and the need for an elected steering committee. For those who don’t know already the NCAFC was founded almost two years ago, but probably came to most people’s attention during the student protests […]

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