PR company copyrights “radical media”, threatens to sue activists

This post first appeared at Radical media has a long history in social movements, from┬áThe British Worker, launched during the 1926 TUC General Strike, via audio cassettes with subversive messages passed around during the Iranian revolution, the Zapatistas, Samizdat and Indymedia to blogs, Facebook and Twitter used during the recent revolutions in Egypt and […]

Why I’m no Longer Listening to Spotify

Last week saw the passage of the Digital Economy Bill, now the Digital Economy Act. As parliament was winding down before dissolution the government forced through the bill, which had had no proper debate in the commons, during what’s known as it’s wash up period. Though 236 MPs voted at the third reading only around […]

Join the campaign against draconian disconnection

This is a guest post from Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group, which campaigns to protect rights and liberties in the digital age Will your MP be voting to disconnect innocent people from the internet, because of evidence that one of them may have infringed copyright? The chances are that they will […]

201st Decade Technology Part 2 – Free Knowledge and Free Culture

For part 2 of our review of the the 201st decade best new technologies we turn to the internet and the forefront of the battlefield between a new form of communal and reciprocal ownership and the latest attempts at enclosing public space. 2.Wikipedia So it turns our writing a couple of thousand words on technology […]