Here’s why David Cameron should do community service

By Stuart Roger Phew! Thank God that’s over. 100 hours of community service for disrupting a speech David Cameron was giving in Scotland, as an act of protest against his epicly unjust, epicly unnecessary programme of public spending cuts. As I’ve doing it, I have been reflecting on the political value of what I did, […]

David Cameron: Leading Tory Feminist?

It seems that blue feminism is now becoming so fashionable that even the men of the Conservative party are trying it out. This week David Cameron – once described by Louise Mensch the as the “most feminist Prime Minister” we’ve ever had – has suggested that companies should be encouraged to have at least 30% […]

Defending Health and Safety

I have a confession to make: I’m a big fan of health and safety. I’m not just saying that just to be contrary, or because I like everything the Tories don’t and vice versa – I genuinely think that it’s a good thing. Workers’ Memorial Day exists because of the thousands of people who have […]

Lib Dems aren’t modifying Tory policy. They are allowing it.

As the European elephant in the cabinet room finally rears and strains the Clegg-Cameron bonds, many Liberal Democrats are once again questioning why they are in government at all. And the response is the same as ever: “We had to go into coalition” they are told “because if we didn’t, the Tories would get to […]

Three Things about Cameron’s Credit Card Speech

David Cameron is giving his conference speech this afternoon. The heavily trailed message is that individuals should pay off debt, including credit cards. As Tim Hardy has pointed out credit cards play an important role in the story that the Tory party has been telling about the economy. But this speech gives a new dimension […]

Independence is not the point

The debate around Scottish independence often seems to miss something: there is no such thing as an independent country. Britain, for example, is a member of the EU, the UN, and NATO, and is a signatory to countless global or bilateral treaties. If the nation state began with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, then […]

What Cameron and Willetts Really mean when they Attack Immigration and Feminism

Today David Cameron is indulging in some hardline populist rhetoric on immigration. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Conservatives need someone to blame for the failure of Thatcherism to deliver higher levels of well being for our society over the past 30 years. What Thatcherite neo-liberal economics claimed it would do is make everyone […]

Privatising profit and socialising risk

This is essentially the modus operandi of the modern western government: to promote the interests of corporate gloabalisation and to offload the risks onto the people. This has manifested itself in many ways over the last few decades, but interestingly many have been demonstrated in only the last few years and even days. As the […]

Video – Caroline Lucas attacks Cameron’s gunrunning trip

Dick of the Year: David Cameron

This is a nomination for Bright Green Dick of the Year by Kevin Meaney. If you want to submit your own nomination email adamramsay @ gmail before midday on the 31st. David Cameron, Prime Minster of the UK David Cameron has to be Dick of the Year. He was born into a world of dicks […]

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