This is a crisis for education

This post is the first in a series Bright Green is doing in collaboration with an alliance of groups campaigning against the government’s ‘Opening Public Services’ proposals. The Government plans are to privatise all public services (except for military & judiciary).  You can take part through next week’s ‘Week of Auctions‘ taking place across the [...]

Why the Liberal Democrats were Always Going to Sell Out, and Why it’s not their Fault

The Liberal Democrats were always going to sell someone out. It’s not really a surprise that it was students. Explaining why the Liberal Democrats may seem like a good party to vote for has long been tricky for anyone involved in another party. Using the privilege of perpetual opposition at Westminster, Liberal Democrats were able [...]

For Our Generation it’s the Greens or it’s Nothing

Our generation has taken a beating. Where the Thatcher government waged a thinly disguised class war, our generation has been under attack for the past 13 years. The anger we’ve seen from young people on our streets is an anger driven by the knowledge that we’ve been abandoned. We’ve been abandoned by a political class [...]

Video: Caroline Lucas speaks at fees protest

Thought it worth sharing this barnstorming speech from Caroline Lucas at the fees rally on Victoria Embankment earlier this evening:

MSPs will pay for students’ Green Party membership

The Green members of the Scottish Parliament, Patrick Harvie and Robin Harper, will pay membership subs for all students joining the Scottish Greens today and tomorrow. Students can join by downloading a form from and returning it, dated today or tomorrow, without payment. Patrick Harvie said this evening: “The protests today are not just [...]

We’re just getting started

This is just the start. Tonight’s vote was a terrible blow to our generation – to our country’s future. Our response may not have succeeded in preventing it. But we have woken Britain from her slumber. And that is a mighty feat. And because of that, tomorrow, the struggle continues. The struggle continues because the [...]

Students vs the asset strippers: who will win?

This post first appeared on the new anti-cuts site False Economy which I’ve been a little involved in, and which you have to check out. Two days ago, I stood outside Oxford’s Cheney School as almost the entire sixth-form walked out of their classes. Their younger school-mates too had turned up that morning with placards [...]

Why Occupy in Scotland?

At 4.30pm on Wednesday around 200 students, workers and claimants occupied lecture theatre 2 in Appleton Tower in solidarity with occupations across the country. As I write this we’re just settling down for the third night of that occupation, and we’ve voted to stay till at least Tuesday, when the next national day of action [...]

#dayx closes, did it work?

As night ends the biggest day of civil disobedience in a generation, many will reflect on what it has achieved. While kettled in at Whitehall earlier today, I had a chat with group of students from an East London FE College. They had never been to a demo before, but being black and working class, [...]

Edinburgh DayX – Photo Blog

Inital advice before we leave Bristo Square: The police are our friends today, they’re facing cuts too. Don’t be an arse. On our way to Haymarket to post the Lib Dems their tuition fee pledges back. We arrive at Lib Dem HQ. It looks like they’re closed up for the day, to be replaced by [...]

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