Why politics is like particle physics

“Politics” is just as alien a concept for many people as particle physics. So to use the argument that the independence debate and the politics surrounding it ought to be of interest may be just as ineffective as suggesting that people ought to take a more active interest in the mechanics of the Large Hadron Collider.

The Referendum Offers us the Opportunity to Win our Politics Back

This post first appeared on the Radical Independence Campaign’s ‘One Year to Go – Radical Perspectives’ page, which will be updated throughout the day. With one year to go to the referendum, we are in a strange place. On the one hand, there are those who contend that the debate is alienating and boring. On […]

Academics and the defence of their universities

Luke Martell An inspiring Convention for Higher Education in Brighton has made an important step forward, discussing what the public university should be, and investigating the implications of its marketisation. Universities in England have introduced sky-high tuition fees. Inequalities will escalate. Private providers are working their way in, with government support. Competition between universities more […]

Changes in NUS rules have damaged the student movement

 A tail of how the dry business of democratic structures can be used to limit debate, and what this means for the progressive left in the student movement – by Tim Cobbett When I was involved in the National Union of Students (NUS) as a delegate or executive officer based in Scotland in the period […]

tours of Greece: Life and Debt in Thessaloniki

By Nick Dearden – this blog first appeared on the website of the Jubilee Debt Campaign, of which he is director. Nick is currently in Greece on a fact finding mission with people from across Europe. If you’re in Scotland, you can find out more about his travels at Rich Man’s World in Edinburgh on the […]

Israelis offer Palestinians their votes in campaign against apartheid

Shimri Zameret, Israeli peace and democracy activist, and friend of this blog, has been in touch with the following message: “Hey everyone, we’re a group of Palestinians and Israelis, and this is our campaign for real democracy in Israel and the UN system. Essentially, it’s about  Israelis giving their right to vote to Palestinians through facebook, as a protest […]

Time to elect the BBC Trust?

Our friends over at the openDemocracy ourBeeb project yesterday published an explosive report into the failure of the BBC to cover the Health and Social Care Bill. I say explosive because it deserves to be. The report comprehensively demonstrates that the BBC totally failed to provide adequate coverage of one of the most controversial pieces […]

How our universities were “liberated” & why New Labour’s structural reforms have failed

Having been expelled from all university committees as VPE for a protest against the university’s controversial ban on protests, I have started a series of posts on the university based on its private papers to deliver in pamphlets to the university community. This is the third of these posts, the second & first can be […]

Deregulation of universities has led to an attack on students and the workforce.

An enormous discrepancy was revealed between the University of Birmingham’s “public narrative” on its finances and the private accounts actually used to run the university. Further it is setting up new streams for revenue in areas commonly thought of as non for profit services, exploiting childcare services amongst others. All this is being done without […]

The fight for Better Buses means a better democracy

Patrick Harvie’s Better Buses campaign demonstrates the Green ideal of community decision-making in practice.

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