Young Greens plan week of action against university pay inequality

The Young Greens are planning actions at campuses across the country as part of a national week of action against pay inequality at UK universities. The youth branch of the Green Party, which represents thousands of students and young people in England and Wales, has launched the week of action running from the 17th March-21st […]

Police suppress challenges to university marketisation

Clifford Fleming is the co-convenor of the Young Greens of England and Wales, and Campaigns and Citizenship Officer at the University of Manchester Students’ Union. He tweets @cliffordfleming. Universities are places of knowledge, of research, of teaching; they are of huge public benefit and good. It is alarming to see the speed at which Higher […]

Solidarity Beyond the Picket Line: Notes on the HE strike

On Thursday 31st October I am going on strike for the first time in my life. I’m not a lecturer or a researcher but for the past seven years I’ve worked in a university, and I’m one of the thousands of support staff who will be out on the picket lines this week. Despite what […]

Lecturers and university staff in first UK-wide joint strike over pay

This piece originally appeared in Nouse, the University of York’s student newspaper. Thousands of lecturers and non-academic staff will go on strike over pay on Thursday 31st October, after members of the University and College Union, Unite and Unison each voted strongly for joint action over the coming weeks. The announcement follows a ballot of […]

How Do We Stop The Student Loan Book Sell-Off?

  Not content with attacking current and future students, the Coalition government now seek to privatise the student loans book, and thus extend their attack to graduates. This would allow the rates of interest at which graduates repay their loans to be altered from the current 1.5%. For example, the interest rate could more than […]

My public school days & the building of upper class solidarity

This piece first appeared in Perspectives To understand the British public school system, or certainly, the part of it in which I spent my teenage years, it is crucial to get your head around three things. The first is that no pupil I can think of left my school fat. Sometimes, a tubby, or even […]

Academics and the defence of their universities

Luke Martell An inspiring Convention for Higher Education in Brighton has made an important step forward, discussing what the public university should be, and investigating the implications of its marketisation. Universities in England have introduced sky-high tuition fees. Inequalities will escalate. Private providers are working their way in, with government support. Competition between universities more […]

Changes in NUS rules have damaged the student movement

 A tail of how the dry business of democratic structures can be used to limit debate, and what this means for the progressive left in the student movement – by Tim Cobbett When I was involved in the National Union of Students (NUS) as a delegate or executive officer based in Scotland in the period […]

Sussex Uni ‘Pop-Up Union’ to fight outsourcing

Workers at the University of Sussex have formed a new union in a bid to halt the outsourcing of 235 campus jobs. The initiative comes from rank-and-file members of the three recognised campus trade unions, with the support of students from the now six-week old Occupy Sussex movement. Announcing the move at a mass demonstration […]

The Sussex Occupation and the Privatisation of University Education

Luke Martell The Sussex Uni occupation against outsourcing is in its seventh week. It hosts a national demo against education privatisation today. You can quibble whether what’s happening at Sussex is privatisation. But services run by a not-for-profit charity are to be outsourced to private companies. 235 workers will have their employment transferred to providers […]

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