A route to 50:50: Paired Nomination

Editor: Marco Biagi MSP discusses Women 5050, a Scottish campaign for women to have equal representation in the Scottish Parliament.  Although the Scottish Green Party has a policy of genre balancing its candidates the Editors welcome ideas on how other parties, such as Marco’s own SNP, might live up to the campaign’s aspirations.  Launched in […]

Time for a chat about left electoral pacts?

“There is nothing more divisive on the left than a call for unity”. These wise words came, I am told, from the ever witty Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox after the launch of Ken Loach’s new outfit, Left Unity. He is, of course, right. The prospect that, in the short term, all of the […]

Online survey shows Green Party has most popular policies

This should be old news by now. Once more, the excellent folk at ‘Vote For Polices’ have produced a survey encouraging people to do a blind comparison of their beliefs with the policies of the six biggest UK-wide political parties – Labour, Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP, BNP and Greens. And once more, of the 312,000 […]

Independents day

The dust has settled on Thursday’s ramshackle polling day. It is now clear that there were a few general trends: the gradual rise of the Labour party, the success of independents, and a steady rise in support for the UK Independence Party. In particular, Labour succeeded in parliamentary by-elections. To an extent, this was to […]

A 5 Year Plan for the Left in the NUS

In April 2016, the NUS elects a progressive left-wing President and two or three VPs. This is no surprise: there have been a couple of lefty officers for a few years now, and student unions up and down the country are run by progressive sabbaticals. This is a perfectly realistic scenario: if you replace the […]

The Labour Party and Northern Ireland

At the risk of sounding like I have too much experience of this, I imagine that being voted out of government must be a lot like getting chucked by someone you really liked. The initial shock is followed by despair – closely followed by the attribution of blame and an identity crisis. A process of […]

2011 Election Night Liveblog

Tonight we’re going to try something different (well, for us) here at Bright Green and attempt to live blog the results of today’s elections as they come in. It’s not something we’ve done before, though we have live tweeted one or twice, so bear with us if the technology doesn’t always quite work or if […]

Robots Against Fairer Votes

Are you a fanatical party hack? Do you believe the party you choose to vote for is perfect beyond measure, and every other party evil beyond redemption? If you live in a constituency your party is unlikely to win, to you take no view on who your MP should be, on the grounds that elections […]

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish elections – a guide for Greens

By Adam Ramsay and Peter McColl This Thursday, 3 new Governments will be elected in the UK. Yes, you read right, 3 countries in Britain are electing their governments this week. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are all going to the polls to vote for the people who will run their services for the next […]

Get out the vote week

They say that history is made by the people who turn up. Surely though, if anyone makes history, it is those who ensure that people turn up. And this week, it’s get out the vote week. Across the country, we will be voting in the first UK wide referendum in decades – the first in […]

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