Chapman Wins Aberdeen on Pledge to Defend Tenants

Co-convenor of the Scottish Greens and Bright Green Special Contributor Maggie Chapman has been elected Rector of the University of Aberdeen by a huge majority. Her campaign was spearheaded by student groups including the Shared Planet Society, Aberdeen’s branch of People & Planet. The campaign focused on fighting on behalf of tenants including getting fairer […]

5 reasons to march for Free Education on November 19th

On November 19th, at midday in Central London, thousands of people from across the country will join the march for free education, organised by a coalition of student organisations. Here are 5 reasons why you should get involved: 1. Fees cost us all, not just students. The IFS recently published a report that stated: “The […]

Bring back national service!

Gilbert Ramsay’s modest proposal for a draft, fit for the 21st century.

The real silent majority

NUS conference is coming up. Motions are being; drafted, circulated, proposed and seconded all the across the country. However, soon many of these excellent motions will fall foul of the loud cries of the representatives of the “silent majority”. Any successful articulation and clear win in a debate by the left in The NUS and […]

The bill is gone but the fight is on

We need to step up our game on the White Paper; the government is no longer going to do the work of defeating it for us. They were about to put its proposed regressive changes to higher education into the cold light of day where it stood a fair chance of withering and dying. We […]

Bright Green co-editor Peter McColl returned as Edinburgh University rector

Peter McColl, co-editor of Bright Green, has been returned as Rector of Edinburgh University. Peter was until recently chair of Transition Scotland, works in public affairs for a Scottish charity, and was ‘Rector’s Assessor’ – effectively Deputy Rector – from 2006-9. He was voted by Total Politics Britain’s 7th best left wing blogger in 2011, […]

Disciplined by Birmingham University because I was assaulted…

by Simon Furse Last week I took part in a peaceful sit in to try and raise awareness and dialogue about the effects of the white paper. My university responded by unleashing what are essentially hired thugs to harass us and I was assaulted. Because I gave my name to the police for this assault […]

Students of Birmingham are back in occupation

What has education meant to you? The chance of coming to a university like the University of Birmingham has most likely changed your life. Education is an opportunity to transform yourself to be something you can never otherwise be. This opportunity, to get an  education; to go to a good university is being stolen from […]

This is a crisis for education

This post is the first in a series Bright Green is doing in collaboration with an alliance of groups campaigning against the government’s ‘Opening Public Services’ proposals. The Government plans are to privatise all public services (except for military & judiciary).  You can take part through next week’s ‘Week of Auctions‘ taking place across the […]

Third University Occupation over Fees for RUK Students.

Students from across Scotland have occupied Strathclyde University against cuts and fees. The occupiers released the following statement on their facebook page: The plans that began at the end of last term to run down community education and geography, dismantle sociology and close down music have no democratic mandate and are opposed to the wishes […]

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