Female Experience Simulator

Are you fed up with the unrealistic portrayal of women in video games? Looking for a game that gives a more authentic view of life as a woman? Play Female Experience Simulator     About the game I got the idea for this last week after reading piece about some of the ridiculous online games [...]

Trade Union Votes Against Supporting Abuse Survivors

    Unison, the UK’s largest trade union, has today voted against believing women who report violence or abuse from men within the trade union movement. The union’s national delegate conference was asked to vote on a motion stating that when a female trade unionist reports abuse from a male colleague, Unison should assume that [...]

Feminism: Invading a Gym Near You

Journalist and men’s rights activist Peter Lloyd is suing Kentish Town Sports Centre (warning: the article is hosted on an MRA website, which some readers may find offensive or upsetting) for offering women-only sessions in their gym and swimming pool. According to Lloyd, barring him from using the pool or gym at certain times, but [...]

It’s about much more than gun control

When children are murdered, there is nothing you can do to alleviate the tragedy. There is nothing you can write which isn’t a platitude, nothing you can say to ease the pain of those affected. But there are things you can do to try to reduce the likelihood of such events happening again. Rage at [...]

Radical Independence Conference: Doing Feminism

This weekend I was one of four Bright Green editors who took a day trip through to Glasgow to give a workshop at the Radical Independence Conference. It was a great event, not least because it was a rare opportunity to see so many people from different parts of the notoriously tribal Left playing nicely [...]

Anti-Abortion Bullshit Bingo

Eyes down, ladies and gentlemen, eyes down. It’s time for Anti-Abortion Bullshit Bingo! Nadine Dorries has been granted a 90-minute debate in the House of Commons on reducing the abortion time limit, and that means we should be in for some high-quality bullshit. Print off your card and get ready to cross off each dodgy [...]

In Defence of Irrationality: why Mehdi Hasan is wrong about sensible debate

The former New Statesman editor Mehdi Hasan has announced that, when it comes to abortion, he stands with that noted advocate of women’s rights, the late Christopher Hitchens – that is to say, firmly on the side of the antis. He is, of course, entitled to his opinion, but by voicing that opinion on the [...]

Feminists shouldn’t have to strip off to get in the Guardian

It’s not often you have a controlled experiment in analysing media content. Each story only happens once, so it’s nearly impossible to say that it wouldn’t have been reported, or it wouldn’t have been reported in the same way if it didn’t play to an oppressive trope, or include a popular but problematic element. The [...]

Why Theresa May’s immigration proposals are a feminist issue

One of big news stories this week is that Home Secretary Theresa May has been briefing MPs on proposals to introduce a minimum income requirement for UK citizens who want their spouse from outside of the EU to live with them in this country. As part of the Coalition government’s drive to reduce immigration, anyone [...]

Feminism 101

EK McAlpine is taking part in the Fuck The Patriarchy Readathon in aid of Rape Crisis – donate here. My name is EK McAlpine and I am a strident feminist. I’ll shout that from the rooftops, if you like, but to a lot of people it either won’t mean anything, or it will mean something [...]

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