An open letter to my bailiffs

To whom it may concern, thank you for your letters requesting £1000. Thank you in particular for the recent letter regarding a “Distress Warrant”. It is a helpful reminder that I was ordered to pay these court costs by the 17th of December 2011 after being found guilty of Aggravated Trespass in Fortnum and Mason during […]

Fortnum and Mason trial C – Not Guilty

What a wonderful final scene of the first act of this farce. When the CPS chose to prosecute only 30 of the 145 people arrested in Fortnum and Mason’s on the 26th of June, we laughed at the arbitrary criteria on which we were chosen. The judge then recognised that we couldn’t all fit into […]

Shop a Scrounger – the £1500 F&M poem

We always knew things in Fortnum and Mason were expensive. But this poem cost Danny Chivers £1500. He was among those found guilty yesterday of ‘aggrevated trespass with intent to intimidate’, and fined one and a half grand. Here’s the poet demonstrating what he did that was so ‘intimidating': Shop a Scrounger from Pete Speller […]

Fortnum and Mason trial B: the farce rolls on

Westminster Magistrates Court, 12 March, 2012: Fortnum and Mason trial B. You can read my write up of ‘trial A’ from November. By the time I arrived at the Westminster Magistrates Court this morning, the judge had finally worked out what the charge before him was. Which helps move things along, I suppose. I am […]

Starmer Drama: DPP’s Today programme announcement shows that the CPS are not even following their bizarre new guidelines

By one of the Fortnum & Mason arrestees These days, I’m all too used to being woken up by the sound of my own voice shouting at the radio. This particular Tuesday morning, I discovered that my semi-conscious yells were being directed at Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), on the Today Programme […]

Why I don’t mask up

During the protests over the last year and a bit certain trends have cropped up amongst both those newly radicalized and those old hands that have been involved in protest movements for many years. One in particular has been singled out by both protesters and the law as one to watch; wearing masks. More protesters […]

From monotony to farce: my Fortnum and Mason’s trial

“Which judge have you got?”. That this is the first question asked by anyone familiar with the justice system perhaps says all you need to know about its operation. Throughout our case, I had ringing in my ears the wisdom of a QC I met in 2009 when we took the Treasury to court over […]

Justice for whom? Fortnum and Mason vs the 99%

This piece first appeared on the Red Pepper blog Before the credit crunch, the last run on a UK bank was in 1878. The directors of the Bank of Glasgow were jailed. Likewise many of those responsible for the 1929 Wall Street Crash were sent down. Not so today. After the banking collapse of 2007/8, […]

First 10 of the Fortnum and Mason 145 Found Guilty

The first 10 of the Fortnum and Mason 145 were today found guilty of “Aggravated Trespass” for a peaceful protest in which no evidence was produced of intimidation. Here is the statement published on their website: “Today, the 10 of us who were on trial have been found guilty of taking part in a protest. […]

Day One of the Fortnum and Mason 145 Trial

Report from the court room by an anonymous defendant originally posted at the FM145 site. Nerve racking morning, early start, with all the anticipation of an 8 months wait since being arrested but a big relief to finally be getting going on this. The first day started off at fast pace, getting through the prosecutions […]

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