Life-time non-voter set to launch first ever Green Party radio show

The first ever Green Party radio show will launch next week, after a lifetime non-voter was inspired by Green activists at the recent Occupy Democracy protests. Happy Brewer, who has worked in radio and TV for most of his life, will kick off his ‘Mean Green Radio’ next Wednesday afternoon, and will be produced by […]

Greens polling highest levels EVER for General Election

The Greens are at their highest level of support ever after a YouGov poll yesterday put the party (well, parties) on 8% across the UK, beating the Lib Dems. The poll for the Sun, according to UK Polling Report, put the party support at: CON 33%, LAB 32%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 15%, GRN 8%. The […]

Greens on Facebook: poor Marxist vegan ramblers?

By Joe Lo Polling organisation YouGov have released data showing what the typical Green Party of England and Wales supporter is like, using a sample of nearly 2,000 of us. And it’s both interesting and amusing. Much of it we already knew. We are young, left-wing, slightly posher than average (as are supporters of the […]

Activists to hand-in 260,000-strong #InviteTheGreens petition

Greens are set to hand in the petition demanding the party is invited onto the TV General Election debates on Thursday morning. The petition has been signed by over 260,000 people since launching just a month ago – gathering around 60,000 signatures per week. Among those handing it in to the BBC’s Broadcasting House in […]

Greens averaging 6% in polls for first time

The Greens are averaging over 5% in YouGov polls for the first time ever. Britain Elects’ analysis of polling by the company since the start of July shows a steady increase in support for the party, to the point where the Greens are now nearly neck-and-neck with the Lib Dems. The data mirrors polling by […]

England & Wales Green Party membership passes 25,000 mark

Membership of the Green Party of England & Wales last night hit 25,000, after growing by a rate of over 1,000 per week during the past month. This brings the combined Scottish Green Party and E&W membership to 33,000 – rapidly catching up with UKIP’s 40,000 members (a figure which unlike ours includes Northern Ireland), […]

Is this the future of party funding?

We all know the facts about parties. Most of their memberships are declining, and with falling subs they’re more and more relying on large donors – typically from wealthy people and major companies. But the Greens may have just discovered a much more democratic way of financing its future – tapping into something that’s been […]

‘Invite the Greens’ petition hits 200,000 signatures

The petition demanding the major broadcasters invite the Greens onto the 2015 General Election debates has now reached over 200,000 signatures. It hit the 200k mark this afternoon, piling further pressure on the media companies, including the BBC, to open up the televised debates to the Green Party. The landmark means that the petition has […]

Green Party of England and Wales membership passes 20,000

* Membership passed 20,000 today * Young Greens’ 100% growth this year is ‘testament to a sea-change going on in politics’ * Green candidates will be standing in 50% more seats at the 2015 General Election than in 2010 Membership of the Green Party of England and Wales has surged up 45% this year and […]

Young Green Amelia Womack to be new GPEW Deputy Leader

Environmental scientist Amelia Womack is uncontested for the Green’s female Deputy vacancy, while incumbent Will Duckworth faces three strong challengers for the male post.

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