Green Party of England and Wales membership passes 20,000

* Membership passed 20,000 today * Young Greens’ 100% growth this year is ‘testament to a sea-change going on in politics’ * Green candidates will be standing in 50% more seats at the 2015 General Election than in 2010 Membership of the Green Party of England and Wales has surged up 45% this year and [...]

Young Green Amelia Womack to be new GPEW Deputy Leader

Environmental scientist Amelia Womack is uncontested for the Green’s female Deputy vacancy, while incumbent Will Duckworth faces three strong challengers for the male post.

The Challenge for the Green Party

  Former Guardian Weekly editor Natalie Bennett was this week confirmed as the new leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, replacing Caroline Lucas who has served in the post since its creation. The new leader has set her party some ambitious goals: six MEPs by 2014, and a Green councillor in every [...]

New Green Party leader: Natalie Bennett

Australian-born journalist Natalie Bennett has been elected leader of the Green party, with Dudley councillor Will Duckworth as Deputy.

Green Party Executive results announced

The electoral returning officer for the Green Party of England and Wales’ internal elections, has announced the results for posts on the party’s executive, known as GPEx.

Patrick Harvie endorses Alex Phillips for GPEW deputy

“I’ll be voting for Alex because I believe she has a terrific combination of qualities which the Deputy Leader will need – energy, creativity, political experience and the charisma needed to help build a stronger Green Party and communicate its message to the widest possible audience.”

Another step forward in Green Party science policy

The basic aim of our Science and Technology policy is to encourage and promote research, development and application of science and technology which will: Increase knowledge and understanding Help to understand and address the major environmental threats such as climate change, pollution and biodiversity losses. Contribute to a better quality of life for all the [...]

Conference Fragments: Engaging Gets Easier

By Kieran Anderson, who you’ll find on twitter at @andersonkieran This was my second time at conference and when arriving, even in my somewhat dazed state having come direct from the Norwich Election count, I had this sudden moment of panic, what on earth was I doing coming back to this hugely complex unstoppable juggernaut [...]

Conference Fragments: Democracy in Action

by Rustam Majainah Those of you who remember your schooldays will probably be familiar with the concept of Model United Nations, Mock General Elections and other events, set up to try and attract young people to politics by showing them its not like BBC Parliament all the time. You go to them acting as if [...]

Conference Fragments – My First Time

On Thursday last week, Ash Haynes was elected coucillor for Town Close Ward in Norwich. It was her 20th birthday. The next day, she went to her first party conference. My conference experience began at 12pm on Friday, when I wandered in tired and confused after the Norwich local election counts. My first impression was [...]

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