Life-time non-voter set to launch first ever Green Party radio show

The first ever Green Party radio show will launch next week, after a lifetime non-voter was inspired by Green activists at the recent Occupy Democracy protests. Happy Brewer, who has worked in radio and TV for most of his life, will kick off his ‘Mean Green Radio’ next Wednesday afternoon, and will be produced by […]

Greens on Facebook: poor Marxist vegan ramblers?

By Joe Lo Polling organisation YouGov have released data showing what the typical Green Party of England and Wales supporter is like, using a sample of nearly 2,000 of us. And it’s both interesting and amusing. Much of it we already knew. We are young, left-wing, slightly posher than average (as are supporters of the […]

At a crossroads: where do the European Greens go from here?

As the Greens get into the full swing of a new Parliamentary session in the EU, this week seemed like a wise time to assess where we stand across the continent. So on Wednesday I headed over to the Green group’s seminar ‘where does the group stand after the European elections?’, held in the European […]

Greens averaging 6% in polls for first time

The Greens are averaging over 5% in YouGov polls for the first time ever. Britain Elects’ analysis of polling by the company since the start of July shows a steady increase in support for the party, to the point where the Greens are now nearly neck-and-neck with the Lib Dems. The data mirrors polling by […]

The Parallels for UK Labour from US Democrats

The 2014 midterms were a massive rebuke to Obama and US Democrats. In state after state Democrat Senators, Congresspeople and Governors were wiped out, far beyond pollsters expectations. Obama’s last two years in Presidency look to be ridden with Republican opposition and messy compromise. As a lesson in politics the midterms should carry worrying signs […]

Is this the future of party funding?

We all know the facts about parties. Most of their memberships are declining, and with falling subs they’re more and more relying on large donors – typically from wealthy people and major companies. But the Greens may have just discovered a much more democratic way of financing its future – tapping into something that’s been […]

Conference shows Scottish Greens are a force to be reckoned with

Last Thursday, the people of Clacton dealt a massive blow to the establishment by voting UKIP and… re-electing their former Tory MP. After having the media spotlight on them for such a long time, receiving massive quantities of money from various wealthy donors, and having a number of public school-educated Tories defect and join their […]

Scottish Green Party Conference 2014 – Live Blog

Independent MSP John Finnie joins the Greens

John Finnie, the independent MSP for the Highlands and Islands, has joined the Scottish Green Party. John was welcomed with a standing ovation as he was unveiled to the party’s conference in Edinburgh in the last few minutes as the denouement of Patrick Harvie’s keynote speech. John has published an open letter to his constituents […]

Powers to the People: Maggie Chapman’s Green Party Speech

Good morning conference and welcome. My name is Maggie Chapman. I’m co-convenor of the party and also a Councillor here in Edinburgh. When we last met, a year ago, in Inverness I had the privilege of giving the speech which closed the conference. And it is a great pleasure to open this conference and welcome […]

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