Conference shows Scottish Greens are a force to be reckoned with

Last Thursday, the people of Clacton dealt a massive blow to the establishment by voting UKIP and… re-electing their former Tory MP. After having the media spotlight on them for such a long time, receiving massive quantities of money from various wealthy donors, and having a number of public school-educated Tories defect and join their [...]

Scottish Green Party Conference 2014 – Live Blog

Independent MSP John Finnie joins the Greens

John Finnie, the independent MSP for the Highlands and Islands, has joined the Scottish Green Party. John was welcomed with a standing ovation as he was unveiled to the party’s conference in Edinburgh in the last few minutes as the denouement of Patrick Harvie’s keynote speech. John has published an open letter to his constituents [...]

Powers to the People: Maggie Chapman’s Green Party Speech

Good morning conference and welcome. My name is Maggie Chapman. I’m co-convenor of the party and also a Councillor here in Edinburgh. When we last met, a year ago, in Inverness I had the privilege of giving the speech which closed the conference. And it is a great pleasure to open this conference and welcome [...]

The next Green MP? Peter McColl

In 2015, Greens are targeting a number of seats across the UK. With this in mind, I thought I’d do a quick series of profiles of the candidates in these seats. First up, on the eve of the Scottish Green Party Conference, Peter McColl Scottish Green Party candidate in their national target seat, Edinburgh East. [...]

Green Party of England and Wales membership passes 20,000

* Membership passed 20,000 today * Young Greens’ 100% growth this year is ‘testament to a sea-change going on in politics’ * Green candidates will be standing in 50% more seats at the 2015 General Election than in 2010 Membership of the Green Party of England and Wales has surged up 45% this year and [...]

What Winning Looks Like: Photos of Radical Meetings in Edinburgh after the Referendum

To view a complete slideshow of all the photos click here. Radical Independence moved their meeting onto the Meadows Park to accommodate over 150 folk coming on Monday. Last night the Edinburgh Greens had 400 attend in two venues in the city centre… …groups discussed the legacy of the independence campaign and set priorities for [...]

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to: on Greens and the referendum

I am a member of the Green Party. In fact, I am a member of two Green Parties – the Scottish Green Party, and the Green Party of England and Wales – the two have long been friends, but independent. Sometimes, the party annoys the hell out of me. Sometimes, I’m embarrassed by it. But [...]

Why I’ve complained to House of Commons Library

I’ve just written to the House of Commons Library over their recent publication ‘Membership of UK politics parties‘, released on Tuesday. It’s a highly interesting document that myself and other political geeks love to read every year. But there’s a few clonkers in there. 1. They talk about ‘the Green Party’ as if it was [...]

The Scottish left needs to talk about collaboration, not another party

Greens campaigning in Norwich. Image: Norwich Green Party. In the last week, thousands of people have joined the Scottish Green Party and the SSP. Tens of thousands have joined the SNP. If it ever was a good idea to build a new left party in Scotland, then the time to launch it was two weeks [...]

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