What are the Greens’ values?

  John Denham has written an interesting piece on OurKingdom about today’s One Nation Labour and the New Labour of the 90s. In it, he wrestles with some of the same issues as Greens were discussing at their conference last weekend. Denham makes the point that New Labour wasn’t – at first – about a [...]

The Greens: A movement without the mass

This post is by Benali Hamdache, who is a member of the Policy Committee of the Green Party of England and Wales, and Co-coordinator of the London Greens. He tweets @GreenBenali. There was a time in the 80′s where the explosion of concern for the environment looked like it was going somewhere in the UK. [...]

Left Unity is an Opportunity Greens Can’t Afford to Ignore

By Josiah Mortimer It’s a question many Greens are asking themselves – whether to put their names to the Left Unity project, the nascent party which has thus far seen nearly 10,000 people sign up in its first few months, a figure not all that far off Green Party 11,000 membership. It’s a choice that’s [...]

Immigration: a vital part of the solution to climate change

By Alex Randall. This post first appeared on the website of the UK migration and climate change coalition The Green Party in the UK recently came out in support of more open and humane immigration policy. Their stance aims to challenge the growing anti-migrant policies and rhetoric of the other main political parties. However the Green Party’s [...]

Time for a chat about left electoral pacts?

“There is nothing more divisive on the left than a call for unity”. These wise words came, I am told, from the ever witty Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox after the launch of Ken Loach’s new outfit, Left Unity. He is, of course, right. The prospect that, in the short term, all of the [...]

Natalie Bennett’s stand on immigration is cunning politics

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett went to the Romanian Cultural Institute yesterday to call for an end to immigrant bashing (you can read the full speech here). This wasn’t just the right thing to do. It was also cunning politics. It is, of course, a risk. Most of the people in the country support ever [...]

Caroline Lucas announces bill to bring railways back into public ownership

At the People’s Assembly yesterday, Caroline Lucas announced that, this week, she will introduce a private members’ bill to bring Britain’s railways back into public ownership. Public ownership of the railways is supported by something like 75% of voters, and could be done in a number of ways, including full renationalisation, and the Rail, Maritime [...]

Compass, a good time for a relaunch

By Victor Anderson There is a change of gear taking place in British politics, now we’ve passed the point of 2 years to go before the next general election.  Ed Miliband is repositioning Labour on the economy and welfare, the Tory Right is looking for a post-Coalition future, the LibDems are increasingly separating themselves from [...]

It’s up to the Greens to take down UKIP

the next few years we shall either get that effective Socialist party that we need, or we shall not get it. If we do not get it, then Fascism is coming; probably a slimy Anglicized form of Fascism, with cultured policemen instead of Nazi gorillas and the lion and the unicorn instead of the [...]

Brighton Council refuses to evict over Bedroom Tax

Green Party controlled Brighton city council has confirmed it will refuse to evict those who cannot afford to pay the ‘bedroom tax’. The council is the first in the UK England* to take such a position. Green Councillor Liz Wakefield said: “As Greens, we cannot throw people out onto the streets just because they’re unable [...]

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