Greens must get better at communicating our support for science

The Green Party is more pro-science than any other party. Party policy commits 1% of GDP to public funding for science research. Whilst Labour, Lib Dems and Tories increasingly demand that researchers demonstrate the immediate commercial viability of their work, Greens argue that we should fund science for its own sake, because discovery is key […]

Caroline Lucas’s first mistake

There is a lot riding on Caroline Lucas, our first Green Party MP. Greens want to prove that there is more to them then recycling, that they can provide a comprehensive programme of reform, and that they are not a bunch of loony, lentil-wearing wizards or worse – middle-class, stoners who refuse to shop in […]

The surrealist overdose

This is a guest post from Naomi Mc, who blogs about science, politics and gender at Vagina Dentata. On Saturday at 10.23am hundreds of people across the country opened a small vial of pills and swallow them all. There was a group of 42 of these people in Edinburgh (video), but no emergency services were […]