Housing Benefit Age Discrimination

Did you know that if you are under 25 and single the government does not treat you as a fully grown adult when it comes to housing benefit? This scandal is known as the Single Accommodation Rate and is soon to get much worse.  From January 2012 the age will be raised to 35. While the media […]

National Buy2Let Mortgage

We’ve all heard the Conservative/Lib-Dem analogy about thenation’s credit card.  The coalition partners in Westminster love to accuse Labour of having built up the national debt as though they were maxing out a credit card. It’s easy to see why they do this – the public understand how a credit card works. In a recent […]

On immigration

It is very tempting for the liberal left to scream “racist” every time the subject of immigration comes up. But if we do so without understanding the material problems for which “immigration” has become a political proxy, we risk driving people into the arms of the right. I wrote around this time last year about […]

Scottish Greens Unveil Budget Proposals

On Monday the Scottish Green Party released their proposals to amend the draft budget before Holyrood today, focussing on protecting education and housing (including a programme of home insulation we’ve been pushing for for a while). We’re likely to hear a lot over the next few months, and possibly years, about how councils and devolved […]

I Thought Things Were Already Bad….

photo by bob the lomond via flickr The title to this blogpost comes from a member of the public who lives in the East End of Glasgow. Its taken from the Herald, some time ago, and I don’t think I’ve seen anything else written that sums up how I feel about the situation our country […]

Conference Fragments – Mobilising the Jilted Generation

I spoke, along with Shiv Malik of ‘Jilted Generation‘, at the Young Greens fringe on ‘mobilising the jilted generation’. Shiv spoke eloquently about how Thatcherite liberalism has screwed today’s 20 somethings. This is roughly what I said. The Conservative Party has always opposed the welfare state. And now they are in Government they have successfully […]

In Defence of Universalism

The Scottish Greens have been arguing for a couple of years that the government should create a universal free household insulation service. This has been very successfully rolled out in Huddersfield by the Kirklees Green Party. It has increased the take up of insulation hugely. And as well all know insulation is the cheapest easiest […]

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