Greens need to be of the Movement, and now’s the time

I’m writing this from the Scottish Greens Conference in beautiful Inverness. Its been a great weekend, full of friendly folk and astutue positive thinking and I’ve thouroughly enjoyed being here. I have never been to a political party conference before and as a result some things strike me as odd about the proceedings. Others are [...]

The Referendum Offers us the Opportunity to Win our Politics Back

This post first appeared on the Radical Independence Campaign’s ‘One Year to Go – Radical Perspectives’ page, which will be updated throughout the day. With one year to go to the referendum, we are in a strange place. On the one hand, there are those who contend that the debate is alienating and boring. On [...]

The independence referendum has become a straight up left/right fight

There is, of course, a left wing case for opposing Scottish independence. It is articulated best by the likes of Owen Jones – ‘we shouldn’t divide the working class’. Likewise, there is, of course, a right wing case for independence – the Scottish Enterprise Party got a handful of votes for espousing it, once upon [...]

Scottish independence would be good for the English left

No Labour government has relied on Scottish MPs to get into power. They have, however, relied on Scottish MPs to get right wing policies through. The former point may be surprising – we are forever hearing that independence will leave the rest of the UK with perpetual Tory governments. But look historically and this simply [...]

Communication Workers’ Union branch backs independence

The CWU Scotland No 2 Branch has voted to back a yes vote in the independence referendum next year. The union, which covers postal workers in the Stirling, Edinburgh, Fife and Falkirk, has voted to play an active role in the campaign for Scottish independence. The vote is symbolic because it is the first union [...]

Radical Independence Conference: Wealth of the commons

Sarah Beattie-Smith reports from the Bright Green session at the Radical Independence Conference.

Bright Green at the Radical Independence Conference

Bright Green will host the workshop “Wealth of the Commons: A Green economy for a progressive, prosperous Scotland” at the Radical Independence Conference in Glasgow this weekend.

Why I support independence

Governments should be closer to people. I wish politicians would stop deciding to send teenagers to kill and die in foreign adventures. But if ministers are going to launch a war, they should not issue their commands from a limestone palace hundreds of miles away. There should be a good chance they know some of [...]

Time to take Britain out of our greatness

This guest post from Anthony Barnett was first on Our Kingdom Alex Salmond’s Hugo Young lecture, delivered yesterday evening in King’s Place, the Guardian’s headquarters, was an enjoyable affair. It was also, thanks to Tory policy and IPPR’s research, a potentially important moment – a turning point, even, in what can legitimately be called ‘this [...]

Scottish Independence: the no campaign and how to deal with it

It is becoming clear what the strategy of the ‘no’ to independence campaign will be: confusion. So far, we’ve had a few opening shots: lines which the UK nationalists presumably hope will ricochet down the next couple of years: what will currency be? What about the Scottish army? Even, ‘who will own Rockall‘? OK, maybe [...]

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