Letting Agent Fails to Disrupt Tenant Protest

In a farcical move, letting agent DJ Alexander hired contractors to carry out unsafe work outside their offices at noon on Friday 20th July in an attempt to prevent a protest by Edinburgh Private Tenants’ Action Group (EPTAG). More than 20 tenants – some of them in TV cop costumes inspired by the Beastie Boys’ […]

A call for a Tenants’ Movement

Housing is one of the defining issues of our generation. Not only have sub-prime mortgages triggered a financial crisis that has led to high unemployment and austerity measures, but it’s also becoming more difficult to find a decent and affordable place to live. With social housing in short supply, and many people priced out of […]

Prosecution of a F&M145 arrestee falls apart

Today my trial for a two hour sit-in at Fortnum and Mason ended far faster than anyone estimated. The trial was scheduled to end on the November 30th, however a thin prosecution case was over in just 2 ½ days. The case ended today with the police witnesses. Among the officers taking the stand was […]

Jilted Generation?

Niall Ferguson has written for The Daily Beast declaring that young people should blame not Wall Street, but Baby Boomers. It is an argument that has long been made by the likes of David Willets. And some people on the left – most recently the excellent Laurie Penny – have taken these opportunities to argue […]

Youth Unemployment: Government Policies Aren’t Working

Figures released by the ONS this week have revealed that unemployment is now the highest that it has been since the early 1990s. There are now 2.57 million people unemployed in the UK, and just short of 1 million – 38.5% of the total – of them are under the age of 25. The coalition […]


By Paul Jon Milne Paul Jon Milne’s art can be found on http://cargocollective.com/pauljonmilne, and his surreal exploration of unemployment, revolution and fighting games can be found on facebook. Trundling through the life of the long-term unemployed, I find myself having to put up with a lot of ridiculous nonsense from the Jobcentre (sorry, ‘Jobcentre Plus’). […]

The case against landlords

Let’s face it: nobody wants to live in private sector rented accommodation. This is the type of housing which provides the least secure forms of tenure, and where the worst living conditions can be found. If you rent your home from a private landlord, you’re almost certainly not there by choice, but because it is […]

London riots: of course they are political

The most surprising thing about these riots is that anyone is surprised. Here in Oxfordshire, youth workers have been predicting for months that things would kick off this summer. Of course there are riots. Of course there is looting. What else did they expect? Some say that these are not political riots. What does that […]

Housing Benefit Age Discrimination

Did you know that if you are under 25 and single the government does not treat you as a fully grown adult when it comes to housing benefit? This scandal is known as the Single Accommodation Rate and is soon to get much worse.  From January 2012 the age will be raised to 35. While the media […]

F-off Heff: on Playboy, sex, psychosocial stress and the jilted generation

I like sex. OK, that’s a pretty banal statement. Most people do. So, let me put it another way. I have no problem with people having sex as much as they want to, with as many other people as they want to. I’m happy for consenting adults to do together whatever they please. And, it’s […]

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