The Parallels for UK Labour from US Democrats

The 2014 midterms were a massive rebuke to Obama and US Democrats. In state after state Democrat Senators, Congresspeople and Governors were wiped out, far beyond pollsters expectations. Obama’s last two years in Presidency look to be ridden with Republican opposition and messy compromise. As a lesson in politics the midterms should carry worrying signs […]

Compass, a good time for a relaunch

By Victor Anderson There is a change of gear taking place in British politics, now we’ve passed the point of 2 years to go before the next general election.  Ed Miliband is repositioning Labour on the economy and welfare, the Tory Right is looking for a post-Coalition future, the LibDems are increasingly separating themselves from […]

Miliband, Cameron and Clegg must share the blame for the EDL

The EDL are on the march. A movement which had almost been vanquished has vomited its bile over the streets once more. While we must stand up to them, it is important not to let off the hook the powerful people who stirred up this filth, but now look on in proclaimed horror as it […]

The independence referendum has become a straight up left/right fight

There is, of course, a left wing case for opposing Scottish independence. It is articulated best by the likes of Owen Jones – ‘we shouldn’t divide the working class’. Likewise, there is, of course, a right wing case for independence – the Scottish Enterprise Party got a handful of votes for espousing it, once upon […]

Now Labour support law to deny compensation to victims of unlawful Workfare

Labour plan to back back draconian emergency legislation to allow the government to keep benefits they withdrew because claimants failed to keep up with a Workfare scheme – even if it later turns out it was illegal to force them onto the schemes in the first place.

Labour party backs bedroom tax

Here is Labour frontbencher Helen Goodman confirming that her party supports the ‘Bedroom Tax’. The charge, a deduction from benefits for anyone who lives in social housing and who has ‘spare’ bedrooms – such as because children don’t share a room – has been widely condemned as unjust. Yet the Labour party has now clarified […]

Climate challenges for a future Labour government

I was asked by the Young Fabians to write about the climate change challenges for a potential Labour government in 2015. This piece first appeared in their magazine – Anticipations Under the north of England lies a bountiful quantity of shale gas. It is vital to the future of humanity that it stays there. Ten […]

Jack McConnell blasts Labour’s “caveman” attitude to Happiness Index

Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Michael Dugher MP rejected the Measuring National Wellbeing Programme as “a statement-of-the-bleeding-obvious [and] a waste of taxpayers’ money,” prompting Lord McConnell to describe Labour’s response as “ignorant” and to say of Dugher “the guy sounds like a caveman”.

Which way is the wind blowing? Or why we need a theory of social change

Bob Dylan famously sang “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows”[1] these words chimed with 1960s youth across advanced capitalists countries, who were becoming increasingly captivated by a mass counter culture – fueled by the seemingly unending promise of emancipatory possibilities for democracy, peace, tolerance and sexual freedom. That […]

The end of opposition

Yesterday the official opposition gave up. In a packed room at The Insititute for Education Ed Balls finally confirmed what many of us have been thinking for a while: The Labour Party aren’t the alternative. As the cuts continue to bite, the wages of workers remain stagnant and the economic outlook for the UK remains […]

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