Compass, a good time for a relaunch

By Victor Anderson There is a change of gear taking place in British politics, now we’ve passed the point of 2 years to go before the next general election.  Ed Miliband is repositioning Labour on the economy and welfare, the Tory Right is looking for a post-Coalition future, the LibDems are increasingly separating themselves from […]

Miliband, Cameron and Clegg must share the blame for the EDL

The EDL are on the march. A movement which had almost been vanquished has vomited its bile over the streets once more. While we must stand up to them, it is important not to let off the hook the powerful people who stirred up this filth, but now look on in proclaimed horror as it […]

Fuel-quality directive vote today – will the UK government back tar sands?

By Lauren King Fuel-quality directive vote today – UK government ‘green’ or mean? I want to take Mr Baker on a journey this morning before the vote, to a place where he would have to wear a mask over his face to protect him from the fumes, and would see how the rivers and streams […]

Lib Dems aren’t modifying Tory policy. They are allowing it.

As the European elephant in the cabinet room finally rears and strains the Clegg-Cameron bonds, many Liberal Democrats are once again questioning why they are in government at all. And the response is the same as ever: “We had to go into coalition” they are told “because if we didn’t, the Tories would get to […]

Privatisation and the SNP

While Alex Salmond received a hero’s welcome at the SNP conference in Inverness last weekend, controversy has been brewing back in Edinburgh. On Thursday, the City of Edinburgh Council – led by a coalition of the Liberal Democrats and SNP – will be taking the first of a series of votes on whether council services […]

Solidarity demo for imprisoned activist Edd Bauer

Edd Bauer, the 22 year old who is being held indefinately before trial for the ‘crime’ of hanging a banner off a bridge at the Liberal Democrat conference, will have his second bail hearing on Monday. Edd, who is Vice President Education at the Birmingham University Guild of Students was denied bail and sent to […]

On the North Sea oil spill

So, it turns out that the Shell oil leak is anything but contained. After three days of telling no one that there was a leak in the North Sea, Shell finally fessed up. Eventually, they admitted it was the biggest in more than a decade, but claimed to have it under control. Now, it appears […]

Save Our Services: East Edinburgh Edition

Sometimes, something happens that restores your faith in activism, and humanity in general. This week, I had one of those moments at a public meeting for Save Our Services East Edinburgh. I’ve been to a lot of meetings since the Coalition government came to power, and not all of them have been terribly interesting or […]

SOAS arrests: Where are the Lib Dems on protest rights?

“I was personally punched and thrown down the stairs by officers.” Meet Alex. He’s a postgrad student at UCL. On Monday he joined a peaceful demonstration at SOAS against Higher Education Minister David Willetts. This is how the police responded. There were accounts of officers and security guards forcing protesters onto the ground and repeatedly […]

Lib Dems Scots conference – retreating to the hills?

Is treasa tuath na tighearna: “The People are mightier than a lord”. This famous slogan of the 1880s Highland Land League is where, I think, you have to begin if you want to understand the grip of the Liberal Party, and so the Lib Dems, over the Highlands of Scotland. This movement was, some would […]

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