Lib Dems aren’t modifying Tory policy. They are allowing it.

As the European elephant in the cabinet room finally rears and strains the Clegg-Cameron bonds, many Liberal Democrats are once again questioning why they are in government at all. And the response is the same as ever: “We had to go into coalition” they are told “because if we didn’t, the Tories would get to […]

Escalating police tactics and the growing assault on dissent

The imprisonment this week of student activist Ed Bauer for holding a banner on a bridge marks a disturbing escalation in the British police’s efforts to criminalise dissent. The news broke on Monday that one of the three students arrested holding a banner on a bridge next to the Lib Dem conference venue had been […]

Lib Dem conference protester remanded in custody after banner drop

The three men remanded in custody for three days over the weekend, after a banner drop at the Liberal Democrat conference, appeared in court today. The men were remanded as their membership of an “organization” showed that they could not be trusted not to cause danger to the public. At court all three men pleaded […]

Three arrested over Lib Dem conference “traitors not welcome” banner

Three students are believed to have been arrested after dropping a banner reading “traitors not welcome – hate clegg love ncafc” from the building in which the Liberal Democrats are holding their party conference. The students, who are supporters of the group the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, have been told they will be […]

Enough of the drama: on the language of rape

This week we’ve had the annual figures released from the Crown Office, which show the number of convictions for rape, and as normal, it makes pretty depressing reading. So far only two of the political parties in The Scottish Parliament have commented on the figures, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. While both parties are […]

SOAS arrests: Where are the Lib Dems on protest rights?

“I was personally punched and thrown down the stairs by officers.” Meet Alex. He’s a postgrad student at UCL. On Monday he joined a peaceful demonstration at SOAS against Higher Education Minister David Willetts. This is how the police responded. There were accounts of officers and security guards forcing protesters onto the ground and repeatedly […]

A more civilised kind of politics is not ‘from another planet’

I had forgotten how civilised Scottish politics is. Last night, I was representing the Greens at the Edinburgh University Students’ Association hustings. Three years ago I stood on the same stage and argued with Harry Cole (and 2 others) about who should be next student president. If memory serves, it was a raucous affair – […]

Lib Dems Scots conference – retreating to the hills?

Is treasa tuath na tighearna: “The People are mightier than a lord”. This famous slogan of the 1880s Highland Land League is where, I think, you have to begin if you want to understand the grip of the Liberal Party, and so the Lib Dems, over the Highlands of Scotland. This movement was, some would […]

Dick of the year: Nick Clegg

It’s the most highly anticipated election of the year so far. The votes have been cast; the ballots counted. There were 40 nominations for 38 challengers. But in the end, it wasn’t even close. 525 people voted. Of them, 248 gave one of their five preferences to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. That’s 47% of […]

The beginning of the end of the LibDems?

Extended post – words by Rupert Read photo, unknown (let us know if it’s yours and we’ll credit you). The last month of student protests, culminating in the Parliamentary vote on Thursday in favour of trebling fees and thoroughly marketizing British higher-ed, have delivered what well could spell the beginning of the end of the […]

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